it was to be of us

it was to be a universe of us
out there
we started so strong
perfect was the word I used
delightful was your deal
we matched
didn’t we?
spirited thoroughbreds out of the gate
but we weren’t ready
were we?
the world was loaded with faces
ripened bodies luring us away
from our interlocked hands
we fell to weakness
or was it easy desperation?
no better than horses in heat doing what comes naturally
missteps out of that gate
from the house
our glossy domicile collapsed upon itself
crumbling as it stood
on us
this neo-perfect world piled high with rubble
no longer hard and shiny
those other faces disappeared
in the din of our breaking mortar
none of them ever planned on staying
I guess
did we
rocky torso


9 thoughts on “it was to be of us

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! You got to read my new story Mrs. 1000 you are in along with Lily Rose Depp where I reveal the girl I will right about in my 1000 story. I never knew her too well in high school but she was overlooked. She’s a great mom too. I haven’t written but one thing for. I hope she loves it. Lauren is a nice girl she deserves to be made to feel special. You think she will like being in the story? She liked one of the stories I wrote about you as a nurse/volunteer. AnnMarie=Number One! woo hoo hoo woo woo hoo


  2. Playing catch up (as opposed to catsup), AM. A very powerful, angst-ridden piece of poetry (or “verse,” as you prefer). Ever notice that your dramatic pieces, like this one, always seem to get more “likes”? I’ve notice that; wonder why ’tis. The art is a perfect complement to this strong piece. DS

    Liked by 1 person

    • you know now, I try not looking at numbers and likes too – though admittedly it’s hard sometimes not to look at all the neat gravatars –
      I wrote a number of beginnings and middles on the way to New Hampshire – easy to do with all the beauty passing by – I’m going to see what thoughts I can cull together to make complete pieces
      thank you for your lovely words, my friend

      Liked by 1 person

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