the middle

he took off to find himself
she ran backwards to reclaim her life
in pursuit of opposing directions
the wanderer searching the wilderness
the misdirected retracing awkward steps
each holding expectations of unmet fulfillment
restless bodies
incomplete spirits
and the sun
everywhere and all places
no matter the temporary shelter
encountered along these diametrical journeys
bodies, books, booze, breathing
gargantuan shadows will always claim impermanent light
and until both light and shadow are accepted
they will travel forward and backward
never getting anywhere
touching in the middle



15 thoughts on “the middle

  1. Is it possible you’re getting even better, AM? Yes, it is, as this piece demonstrates. This is a marvelous work. You know lately I’ve been thinking about your writing, poetry-making, and I realize that what makes it so “interesting” ((in the best sense of the word)) is the way in which the thought moves through the lines, leaping associatively, a mind-a-fire, always moving and twisting, never static. And of course your unusual (read: original) descriptions always delight and make me think “where/how in the hell did she think of that?!” And this artwork–well, you know how I feel about it; it’s beautiful, generous of line and color. I can see it hanging on a museum wall or adorning the cover of a book. God, I love this painting. I write these words on a rainy, stormy Friday night in a cabin surrounded by grass that is, I kid you not, at least a foot tall. [And btw this is my 2nd attempt to comment; if you get a duplicate, choose which you’d like to use. You should be glad you didn’t hear me cussing up a blue streak, which I most assuredly did.]

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    • DS
      I keep trying to get my writing to a place where I feel its maturing – the more I read old school poets, the more distance I perceive there is to achieving my goal, but at the same time I’ve never been more determined to improve
      I truly and humbly appreciate your generous thoughts here. It’s words such as these that allow me to believe I can improve
      endless appreciation…
      lol – no second comment though I’m quite sure I heard cussing in the wind;)
      enjoy your trees


      • AM, I applaud your determination and I know that whatever you set your mind to you can definitely accomplish. End of pep talk. 🙂

        Now, may I make a suggestion? Yes, read the “old school poets,” the classics, they’re vitally important. BUT … don’t forget to read your contemporaries. Be sure to check out and online lit journals. I think you might be surprised, and I think (I hope) you will see that “distance” of which you speak is not so great and that you’ve not only closed the gap but gone beyond. That’s finding faith in your own voice, your own writing. You can’t know how you stack up without taking a look at the other batters. You don’t want to copy them–God please don’t, your own style is perfect–but you do want to see where you, a leftie of Italian descent who hails from Jersey, fit in … and you do fit in, Miss. 🙂

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      • yes, Miss DS – I will follow your sage advice and read the living and recently departed;) as well

        I do so adore old school hardened, darkened, drinking, deep masters of words

        but I do understand what you’re saying and appreciate your thoughtfulness and direction

        I will keep on writing until someone tells me to stop or makes me cry way too much


  2. Yes, but the “old school” masters were once someone’s contemporaries. Sometimes I think folks tend to romanticize the past (when there was no plumbing) and give too much credence to its voices forgetting that language changes, evolves, reflects the here and now. Today’s creators are tomorrow’s masters. Sorry, don’t mean to belabor the point, it’s just that while I appreciate “old school” I’m often reminded that its pupils were mostly “masters” (i.e., the dead white men still highly represented in the canon).

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