virgin voyeurs of earth

out the kitchen window
frenetic tenants
little prodigious noise makers
mustering their gumption
marshaling silken feathers
willing to tap the sky
drum wing beats on blues wind
a small hole
window to the world
a movie trailer sans surround sound
until this moment
and here I am cursing under my breath
gotta get on that damn elliptical
freakin’ pushups
then chauffeur
a carload of young men
shop the mall with a teenager
I want to draw, have to write
the birdlets
damn, look at them
eyeing the planet for the first time
virgin voyeurs of earth
number one
the leap
fluttering onto the pooped deck
hopping like a freak club dancer
halfway out
shit, I’m wasting time
but how often
do you bear witness
to life’s entrance
I glue my antsy feet
c’mon two
I’m egging her on
there she goes
lands on the glass table
a venerable Rockefeller skater
those twig legs glide on sandy ice
she’s gone
hop, skip, jumped onto a nearby tree
the little crapper on the pooped deck follows her lead
two new babies shaking up the leafy world
the third
hanging with its mouth agape crying for more food
time check
okay, I watched
I satiated my mother guilt observing the little miracle
I know I can write about this later, good for something
no more action coming from the hole
show is over
two newbies out to rock terra firma
I wonder how the fourth would have grown
a few days ago
I picked up a little broken body off the table top
she was not a skater
maybe a dreamer
well, I don’t want to think about this anymore
there is an elliptical that must be dealt with
pushups to be cursed through
a giant son and equally large friends to bring places
a daughter to shop with
there is a small window
a place
a baby might look through
crashing the world party

red-crested woodpecker

red-crested woodpecker


18 thoughts on “virgin voyeurs of earth

  1. I gotta get this out of the way before I forget: elliptical AND pushups??? Damn, girlfriend, you’re making me feel like a slouch now! (See, my inner jealous-competitive voice says, “AM’s doing pushups so you’d better do ’em too.” LOL) Nah, I’ll just be amazed with your rigorous workout while I kick back and drink more coffee. 🙂

    Okay, now seriously. So much I could say about this gem. It seems as if you’re going into a contemplative “observer” mode here, like Oliver (Mary), and I really like that. Yes, the language is fun and often frisky, but underneath–underneath is a very serious throbbing of the heart, a person witnessing the marvel of nature and life and, sadly, death. And while this verse, these words sail and fly high, that last bit of saddness of course brings this piece right back down to earth, tethers it and its readers in the only place we can be, watching outside and above. What I also love about this work is how you weave the daily details of a human life, chauffeuring kids, shopping for them, etc., in with the ethereal realm.

    “but how often
    do you bear witness
    to life’s entrance”
    Those words are going on my bulletin board; they’re gorgeous, profound, stunning. Jealous am I that I didn’t write them first 🙂

    And then that saddness that creeps in at the end, but with hope, always with hope.
    Beautiful woodpecker, AM.
    Bella prosa, Miss.

    Liked by 1 person

    • yo ho, DS
      perhaps I should start pubbing your comments – I’m truly blown away by this immersive impression – I thank you for your beautiful narrative – I love understanding what a reader takes from words I’ve written – I very much appreciate the opportunity to understand and glean this perspective.
      lol on the exercise – just ’cause I do it – don’t mean I does it well;)
      thank you, DS


      • I do miss my writer’s group and workshops sometimes (key word here: “sometimes”), but I think WP commenting and exchanging of work and emails does rather simulate that experience nicely. If you ever attend a conference you’ll know what I mean. As for exercise, don’t need to does it well just needs to does it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • I will get to a conference – next big NYC one – and I imagine it will be oodles of fun;)

        I do so love going back and forth with other writing folk, like you, DS – love to read their writing, get feedback on whatever the hell I’m doing – all sides fascinating

        damn doesing the freakin’ elliptical though today was swimmin’ with mommy dearest where I get to pretend I’m the youngest gal in the world ’cause everyone else is 80 plus – but I tell ya – bless ’em all – they’re in the pool at 7:30 am swimmin’ – I hope to follow their astounding example…

        just keep swimmin’, swimmin’, swimmin;;)


      • Conferences are not only oodles of fun, AM, they’re usually great wine bashes (read: party time!). Of course, serious stuff gets said there and agreed upon too. 🙂

        I too very much like exchanging work with you, but I fear you’re exceptionally busy these days and I really do want you to get your own work done first–particularly your book. Remember the mantra I gave you? Get the book out! 🙂 Anytime you want to send me something never hesitate, okay? If you want to that is. 😉

        Just keep swimmin’ is a great mantra too–head above water and all shall be okay. Of course, it helps if one can float, but I’m sure all of your lovely pool ladies are experts at that. Bless them for swimming–and bless you for gettin’ in there and joinin’ in the fun! There’s poetry and fiction in them there waters, lady!


      • I suspect conferences would be informative but also great fun!
        busy is as busy does, always have time
        the book is moving – waiting on Tammy to send next round of pages
        I love swimming especially underwater where no one can hear me;)


  2. Weird; I’m working on another story about a pool and the character likes that muted silence, too. 🙂 Well okay, one day soon I’m gonna dump probably a bunch of pages on you — 2 stories, actually. Just remember when you’re slogging through those pages: you asked for it! LOL Glad to hear your book is swimming forward!

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