“I miss you”

“I miss you”
scrawled softly below the printed Hallmarkian homage
what she meant
she missed herself
struggling, her life had been/was a struggle
sucking on hard necks to find happiness
maybe draw out the genie floating inside green glass
brown glass
clear glass
she always swallowed with tenderness
all the adjectives applied here
warm, hot, fiery liquid, eye-watering, knockout…
they did
to her
burning her throat, searing passed her chest direct to the gut
sometimes back up again
not pleasant
her pain, fair punishment
she was not successful, self-opinion
not his
she placed those words on him like the last label of cheap Merlot
not buying that one again
she’d lost him a while back
it might have been the tumbler smash on the counter intended for his torso
mind and trajectory changed the last moment
that look
his eyes, crystal blue like the heaven she’d be locked out of
those spectacular pools, Jesus–how they watered like the oceans they came from
haunting, sad, broken for now
(not everlasting breakage, like hers if she didn’t get her shit together)
the card, her card should have been a letter, a long beautifully written thing
telling him about her fears, her passions, her self-loathing (this he knew)
still he’d stayed through most of it as much as he could stand
as any man could handle who considered himself manly
before utterly letting go and permitting the thing to die in crashing glass
she wanted to write how sorry she was
she missed the conversations mostly, the pillow banter
he was a great one for banter, a rare one
how many manly men could cure her heartache with words
sing musicals in her ear until sleep found her
just thinking of this reduced her to sobering tears
sober still not good
her grip fondled the clear neck
she held it like a lover
caressing the glass, wishing it his salty skin
lips crawled to the tip
the cylinder entered her throat
her aching mouth swallowed
warm, sweet
her eyes closed down
desperate to suck out a genie
please dream
sleep a few years
“I miss you”
what she meant
she missed him
the card slipped from her fingers





10 thoughts on ““I miss you”

  1. I predict big “likes” for this post!
    AM, I never quite know what to expect from you—and that’s what’s so fun and exciting about your blog and your writing style, your subject matter, your personification, etc. And I must admit, this post took me by surprise. Quite saucy and snappy and red hot, hot, hot!
    The bottle-Fellatio metaphors are fantastic, feeding off each other like (forget it, I’m not even going there). Anyhoo, this is quite erotic verse you’ve got here, Miss, and the accretion of details rouses the emotional upcharge (I’m not sure what in the hell I just wrote there, but somehow it “seemed ” right and perhaps you get my drift). Of course, the ending leads one to wonder: Who does the “she” in this verse miss most?
    Yes, I just had Merlot … sipped from a tumbler.
    Kidding aside, this is brave, beautiful writing, AM (the art, wunderbar). Ain’t nuthin’ you can’t do.


    • Hey DS
      when I realized I could get the bottle to behave the way I needed it to without getting into blatant sex-speak I had a bit of fun before realizing how very sad this poor lonely heart made me
      I had Merlot last night too, yum:)
      thank you again, for championing my efforts whether or not they are always successful
      have a great weekend
      em as soon as I can


      • Hey-ho, AnnMarie! You know, I’m sorry this woman, this lonely heart makes you feel so sad. I understand that. I hope you didn’t think my comment made light of her situation–hell no! I probably shouldn’t have so brazenly named her lover’s physical appendage, but I have to admit it was kind of fun looking up nicknames (yeah, I’m so lame and naive I didn’t know them on my own). And don’t you ever question whether your efforts are successful or not–they always are because you’ve brought them to fruition. You may not always like what you’ve created (for me, that’s about 98% of the time), but it’s always a success because it’s been brought forth, created. There’s a difference, don’tcha know. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • hey-ho ho back, lady
        what a whoohooozaaa comment
        I had to tamp down the x-rating;)
        too freakin’ funny you are
        I really got into the whole metaphorical bedroom on this one – thought I was being clever –
        when I read it today, my cheeks reddened – I gotta find the lady who keeps using my computer to write this stuff- I think she’s trouble;)
        thank you for your colorful words as always, my friend
        I must send book so sorry so very behind…will catch up asap

        Liked by 1 person

      • LOL re: that lady using your computer! I say, Put her to work! Make her earn her keep!
        The bedroom is a great setting for drama, characters, and all other things besides. 😉
        Not to worry about the book. You just enjoy your weekend, have a great time!

        Liked by 1 person

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