you asked if I remember

many silver moons have passed
since you inquired
about my life
I mindfully mused
not all questions answered yet
it’s what we’re looking for
is it not
the many answers
to our lives
you told me about yours
what you knew so far
of myself, I thought
in kind

you bravely dangled delicate chords
like fishing line
though durable filament sometimes snaps
if one tugs the strings too hard

you wondered how I was
I wondered too
pondering your words
I might have given back then
for the gentle returns
never offered

you asked if I remember
I respond
not the single
or the duet

rat pack dream

rat pack dream

I wonder how it is to live life without regrets, do you?


15 thoughts on “you asked if I remember

  1. First, the drawing. The red tones here — my eye was drawn there first and then had to focus to see the man looking – the woman’s shape. Intriguing — kind of a “remembering” — a “forgetting” — a hazy memory. Especially love the ending here.
    I have a theory about “regrets” — having once been asked to write a poem about regrets. I decided, I really don’t have any. And the reason is that every action taken in my life to this point, has led me to this point. If one was changed, it would have a domino effect and then it would affect every moment after it — and where would I be? Not here, not like this, perhaps not with the love of my life. So — yes — there were errors and wrong turns but they all turned out right in my mind, because here I am. Does that make sense? As my daughter says — I am a Pollyanna — and I’m okay with that 🙂

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    • it must be a sort of heaven in your mind, I’d think to have no regrets
      I have a few – not too many – but definitely a few
      one, is not discovering my passion for this type of writing much sooner;)
      you and I, my friend – I do believe hold optimistic approaches to life-
      this view puts a beautiful spin on even regret (for me) 🙂
      thank you for your lovely words here

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