when I was nineteen, a snake spoke to me

when I was nineteen, a snake spoke to me
hissing he worked into my impressionable ear
slithering onto my lazy tanned skin below the neckline
parallel to my protruding collarbone
where I sometimes rested my hand
to make sure I was still alive back then
pumping, pumping, pumping
his serpentine curves with jovial tongue
flicked like young men’s hands
he admitted to the perfect place
to coil in-between the sunless spot
protect the blood pumper
I imagined him threaded through my flesh
red-eyed, purple-oxide shimmering scales
he’d wait for prey there, my silent confidant
hidden away where only the most intimate of loves
would know him by name
then easily forget, when they left my body
those round muscles would know
know and never tell
all the times I was broken
he is with me now, my silent slitherer
in my mind’s flesh
secrets still dark and deep like a swallowed mouse
or crushed rabbit
I think of him often
though it sometimes seems
everyone is tattooed but me




13 thoughts on “when I was nineteen, a snake spoke to me

  1. Beautiful work from a beautiful AnnMarie. I started a new horror book featuring two girls Malia and Kathleen I haven’t talked to in a while. Kathleen is super busy. Malia is Costa’s sister Costa has supported me since I started writing in high school. I repay his loyalty by writing good parts for his sister. I talked to his sister briefly on facebook and wrote her a bunch of stories. She deleted me off facebook randomly. II don’t think it had to do with me. I still like writing about her to pay tribute to Costa for his 15 year support of my writing. Malia seemed to like the writing a lot. I am very excited for this new book I am really having fun with it I just want to make a good slasher not worried about making a masterpiece just want it to come out natural. AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo for AnnMarie!


  2. I wanted to add that even though I’ve seen this artwork before, it’s scaliness in all its exact detail makes it difficult for me to look upon this post–I quickly scanned down to the comment box. 🙂 Seriously though, and I’m sorry I’m always way too serious … it seems to me you’re doing something a little bit differently here. The poem (!) has that eroticism to it that I’ve come to expect from you, yet the metaphor of the snake allows the poet to reveal more about the persona, gives a deeper, “truthier,” gut-level look at the persona’s life, peeks into the shadows. In other words, yes, there’s that naughty eroticism, but there’s a whole hell of a lot more to these words than just the carnal. And for the record? Never, NEVER would I ever allow a frickin’ snake to crawl and cuddle up in the bodily region so described. No way, huh-uh.


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