the day Fear loses its “F” you will hear too much

Okay. Let’s on with it–

What is it you want?

Do we (all) desire in tandem? Are you Pictured perfect. Anything in Color. I much prefer black and white and only on cloudy days. The sun knows when you (we) don’t have your (our) shit together. She said, “I can fool many. There are only two I cannot and only one of them is me.”

So why do you (we) keep doing what you (we) do?

I’m asking because I’m curious. Will you tell me? Ever? If not, I’ll go on being confused as I am. I (You) would have made a tremendous explorer. Fearless coupled with a poor sense of direction. Every way I (you) go is North. Well, the first part of that is a lie. I (me) do Fear a few things. How about you? What are you afraid of? I’ll tell you what I (me) Fear most–the day fear loses its “F.” Once that “F” falls down, you will hear too much of what I’m (you’re) not supposed to say. I also Fear the loss of ellipses. They are over-zealous bff militants (are there any other kind?). Ellipses grant incompleteness. To hide what I desperately desire to utter (offline). Dare I (you) listen to the unthinkable person who has fancier thoughts and darker dreams than the person sitting on top of her (him)…

Did I make you smile even a little? If I can’t lend an ear (no F here) what good am I to (you)?

She craved to whisper with her tongue into his delicious chest, while her hands went…

Reclining green nude/charcoal

Reclining green nude/charcoal


13 thoughts on “the day Fear loses its “F” you will hear too much

  1. Beautiful work by a gorgeous AnnMarie. I did it AnnMarie finished my new book ‘A-town Massacre’ today that makes 3 books this month. I am taking a break to watch vhs tapes. Relax. Already got ideas for a new book. AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo!

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  2. Again, I’ll say it: Whatever you’re doing, keep on doing it. This voice, this confident soloing is mesmerizing. It keeps one coming back and re-reading, not because of the fun word play, the shifting pronouns (like a Stevie Nicks song), but because there’s true poetry and intrigue here–it’s a ‘thinking person’s piece,’ and I like it a hell of a lot. You know, a good writer (in my book) can do any damn thing she wants; she’s in control of everything–words, cadence, style, voice, etc. You’re so fully in control here, AM, you could land a 737 on a sidewalk. An btw: I agree; ellipses do have their place 🙂

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    • trying am I to write on through without thinking too much as this stuff rolls out-these later pieces I’m much less sure of as they are less sing-songy – less verse and more run on sort of pieces. Not really sure how they are gonna land (so I’m not sure about that plane;))
      you know, I always love reading your thoughts and so very much appreciate your candor always
      thank you, DS
      go ellipses…;)

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      • I anoint you the Captain Sully of poetic lines, AM. 😉 I think these most recent pieces are quite intriguing–as I’ve said, they’re like watching a mind on the page. The mind–that’s the thing. I like reading into a writer’s mind, even more so than seeing what she/he can do in terms of movement (for instance, having a character or persona move a chair is less interesting to me than knowing what that person is thinking, getting deep, inside their head). I have happy to offer my thoughts because I love reading your words. 🙂 ……………..

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      • ooo, I want to be a Captain!
        remember now, I’ve got absolutely no sense of direction – it’s all north to me;)
        how I adore these words – I thank you, DS
        words like these keep me writing when my head wants to rip my hands off

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  3. One of the most cryptic titles of all-time, and it made perfect, disturbing sense in context. Is there anything more terrifying than the thought of knocking over a house of cards?

    Nice work, Inner Tomboy, and that goes for yer lady friend, too… : )

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