exceptionally imperfect

Exceptionally imperfect. It’s all I want. This a special low bar setting, don’t you think? I like special. You may leave me alone and I will have already fallen down. No worries. There are parts which work well rolling on the floor. He knows them. Not like her. Did you hear her screaming. The window was ajar like the door–not as welcoming. I’m quite certain a few vocal sobs hit the birds below. What was it she was crying about this time? Oh yea, wrinkles. How she just can’t do it anymore. Hell, who can? You know what I mean, right? I say this but it does nothing to move her mind. Is she dying alive? There are no silent places to hide when you know all the rooms in your home. She’s always crying and not even rolling on the floor like some of us. That’s uplifting is it not? I mean what do you think? Does she expect her big plasma screen to extend its little curving arms and whisper Hallmark hucksterisms into her sobbing eyeballs? She’s screaming at the wrinkles. Oh well, let me suck this up. I can empathize a bit. Cotton shirts from the dryer. Impossible to smooth out like baby’s asses once they leave the store hangers. 100% algodon shirts shit wrinkles! Ironing is nearly as horrifying as cooking. Maybe I should be the one crying. There is also moaning that comes with her crying. We won’t get into that now. I reserve my moaning for the most special of occasions when doors are closed.

I do want to wish those who celebrate, a Happy Fourth. It is my grandma’s birthday, July 4. She could have painted her skin with stars beneath beaded fringe and knee length dresses. Maybe Heaven has a tattoo parlor and a vintage dress shop. I do so adore a firecracker backdrop when my head is on the pillow dreaming of Mr. Key and locked doors. Both shops and doors closed for holidays and moaning.

The Captain/acrylic

The Captain/acrylic

Somewhere in the world, this fella once rowed people to party island. I thought him absolutely inspirational and painted his likeness. Captains are so freakin’ cool:)


18 thoughts on “exceptionally imperfect

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! Happy 4th of July! I hope you have enjoyed the weekend. I am excited My Celtics are ‘this’ close to signed basketball superstat Kevin Durant looks like hes making us wait til tom for his decision. I am taking a little vacation lately been tired and drained from all this excitement and writing. AnnMarie=Number One! I Love The AnnMarie! Woo hoo!


  2. Happy 4th of July to you, AM — and warm thoughts about your grandma (she sounded like a wonderful woman, fun, passionate, loving).
    Also: love the Captain! Terrific art indeed.
    More riffing, a little ranting makes for another firecracker flash. You’re really red-white-and-blue-hot at writing these amazing stream-of-consciousness pieces — fun (and challenging in the best damn way) to read.
    More to the point: This flash, like the previous ones, is so strong of voice. In fact, I’d call it a “voice/vocal piece, words that reveal as much about the speaker as they do about the screaming, moaning “her” (I can take a guess on that one.) Anyway, masterful strokes again, rockets launched, sparklers waving, fireworks ascending.

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    • my words seem to be riding a longer train these last few weeks – not sure if it will continue or when it will stop. I’ll ride with it until it’s time to exit
      thank you for your words here, DS
      the captain was a genuine character – he’s forever etched in the sea part of my brain
      hope you enjoyed your 4th too


      • AM, ride the train for as long as you want to … These are poetically prosey pieces (try saying that 3 times, fast) and the writer behind these words is a pro (note: one more “p”). That sea captain’s character is etched in his face, which you have so “p”ainterly rendered “p”erfectly. (Okay, enough “p”ing here, but I think you get my message: you’re riding a crest, a wave, stay on it for as long as you can, so long as you want to). 4th was nice, quiet.

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      • “P”erhaps a lot of p-ing, 😉 And whichever way the ride goes, you’re the benefactor to be sure–and so too your readers. 🙂


  3. An ode to caregiving, perhaps? Loved the line “There are no silent places to hide when you know all the rooms in your home.” Something very profound there. No joke. I recognize that look in the Captain’s eyes. He’s thinking about fish sticks. On soft white bread. With lotsa tarter sauce. And salt. Yes, I know how he feels…

    Moaning behind closed doors? So… you’ve been reading Harry Potter again. Well… carry on, my dear AM! : )

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    • Hello funny man,
      you know I forgot how much I like that line too – I gotta Instagram it – thank you. All this writing, I forget so much of what I write. Does that happen to you?
      I think he’s got his mind on clamcakes – unless of course, the fish sticks are Gorton’s – he’s related to the fisherman of Gloucester;)
      Moaning Myrtle – a girl’s bff when smiling doesn’t work;)
      Hey, thank you Mark for reading my attic stuff. I so appreciate when someone takes the time to venture into the dark files – it means much:)
      happy creating, funny man!

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