masquerade ball tonight!


I’m going
are you?
Harry Connick, Jr. on the grand piano
a shimmering pearl finish
lacquered thickly like my hair
for this glorious evening
you see
I need to shine for you
red, considered a “red” gown
too contrived
silver and black
low back, very
one of several choices laid across my empty bed
I can’t have you believing
my repressed desires
are you familiar with the rules of masquerade?
one never appears truthful
all move slowly and purposefully uttering complete nonsense
if I could slip my skin for this luminous gala I would
shine brighter
remove years of doubt to sparkle with youth’s luster
but this ball is twenty years too late
I am sorry

the dark has been a lover this decade
I only attend high parties at night
come here now, that’s right move in near this screen
I am giving up one small fabulous secret
is it quiet where you are right now?
slow your breathing and hear me, please
after midnight
when all the guests are drunk and fantasies allow magic
look across the enormous dance floor
below the swinging chandeliers

Harry Connick, Jr. is playing, “the very thought of you”
there, a black velvet curtain
open the concealed ornate doors
descend the thirty wide steps
into the expansive outdoor sculpture garden
I adore the moon here
you will too
when you arrive at the great deep fountain
like a mermaid beneath the irrepressible light
through the water
I will be swimming

(whispering all the delirious ways I want you)
with every breath saved

are you familiar with the rules of masquerade, my love?
one never appears truthful

scar glasses

scar glasses

a masked lady to save this piece-yes, another damsel drawn on printer paper while on a substitute teacher break-ink and pencil
she’s also made a few appearances – thank you
happy weekend!


7 thoughts on “masquerade ball tonight!

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! I decided to go on vacation for a while from writing. I have just been tired and worn down the last 5 weeks I did a lot of writing. I need to rest and recharge. Bought a few old Bruce Dern vhs tapes online for cheap. I liked him in Nebraska a fav actor of mine. I am going to trade in 75 dvds clear some space make some money. How has your day been? I got extra sleep that helped. I just been watching wrestling and staying cool. AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo!


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