sweating glass

it took an old southern rock bar band
a switch from wine to gin and tonic
and the recollection of a childhood memory
to swallow a dream starting to slip slide on thin summer ice
chilled to near perfection once, the dream
the gallant aspirations striking a spark at one’s heels
always there, the love
passion–an over-used word, I call into service here
I want to write about me (without you knowing)
I want to write about you (and think it’s me)
I want to create boulevards and labyrinths,
defeat, victory and the people that fall to both
friends, lovers torn apart, maybe connected in twisting alleys
plain flat features and sculpted bullshit
forbidden denizens
I want to go down the creepy hall and
have my right hand make the left open the door
but the most honest excuse
I’ll place here (bear in mind I got in very late last night)
if I don’t sit beneath the light at 4 am with a pen
I won’t be any good to anyone
so many of us have this story
we happily summon up this creative nightmare
it is not a bad dream but a wickedly feisty journey
across dark boulevards
sipping my midnight refreshing gin and tonic
the sweating glass slipping in my hand a bit
listening and watching the band
they were decent as bar bands go
around people drinking, laughing, texting
four band members
wasn’t a gig worth the pay
wasn’t worth the hot lights, sweat and beer stench
(and there’s that Jackson Brown song)

and the token rude person or two in the crowd
they–the magnificent four, simply loved what they did
not the hot lights, sweating, drunkards, texters, talkers, laughers
there was the flash memory of a childhood diary
a little worn book “accidentally” left out for my five sibs
so they might read
my words

Oscar E. Hornse

the other thing I adore–monsters, this guy drawn last year
happy Sunday:)

9 thoughts on “sweating glass

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! I lasted 2 days on vacation wrote a short story and 4 chapters of my new children’s book ‘Special People’. Gonna just enjoy my movies then write later. Watching Daredevil with Ben Affleck I think he did a good job in this one. I also got Elektra with Jennifer Garner and The Nanny Diaries, How was your weekend AnnMarie? AnnMarie=Number One! woo hoo!


  2. I’m a tad nervous to comment, but here goes …
    Gin and tonic, all good.
    This post, great–a well-mixed tonic.
    I’ve learned a lot from reading this post.
    I apologize for any misunderstanding (I seem to be good at that of late).
    Your monster would have every right to bite my head off.

    Liked by 1 person

    • geez, DS
      now you have me thinking back to subbing when the kiddies believed me to be a vampire – you know – the dark arching brows, sharp teeth (sharp incisors have I), long black (well, really dark, dark, dark brown) hair…
      when they asked if I was
      and I said yes then felt pretty bad ’cause the one little kid backed up
      ah, words aren’t they a kick in the head –
      no worries, no over-thinking
      let’s just keep on writing
      hey, if it wasn’t emotional it wouldn’t be art


  3. …boulevards, labyrinths, twisting alleys, slip-sliding on thin summer ice with that sweating glass….and the gig….the music. I love where your mind takes you on this one! And I am there for the ride with you….love the ending. 🙂 Tipping my cup to you this morning I am!

    Liked by 1 person

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