damn well near it…

Sometimes, sometimes the brain just burns out. Getting pushed off a cliff or forgetting where you put the car keys initiates meltdown. Fried is not the end of the line, but when ‘creating’ every grey matter ounce is more priceless than foie gras. Were I to describe a concept cereal called Shark Attack: golden-sweet, menacing shark-shaped clusters, human body-part shaped marshmallows and within moments of adding milk–the milk turns blood red, would you think me mad? How about nostril hair threading? One simply attaches delightful glimmering specialty threads from their nostril hairs. Rather than Nike appeal, “Just Do It,” we say “Just Grow It.”

Like I said, fried brain–not the end of the line but damn well near it…

Political Post

Way back in the days, when I was a ‘part’ of Prentice Hall Publishers, we in the Design Department were very excited to get our first giant Mac computers. I had a blast creating all different types of graphic posters under the guise of learning. At one point in my life, I wanted to become CEO of Ogilvy and Mather, this before the likes of Madmen…maybe I could have been Madwoman;)


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