waiting to become fearless

I am not a fearless artist
I am not a fearless writer
I am not a fearless poet
I am not a fearless mother

I am a fearless friend
until you break my heart

and then

I must wait

to become fearless again
pukwidgiethis little guy was first created in purples back in 2007, since then we’ve become great pals and this past year we went clothes shopping;)

I was thinking this morning about how often I doubt my work and how important it is to be friends with yourself
so you can keep creating forward…thank you


13 thoughts on “waiting to become fearless

  1. My, you’re up early.
    Seems to be breakage all around. Breakage Tuesday, I guess.
    I think you’re “fearless” in everything, AM Roselli.
    Me thinks this little guy needs a story to tell.

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    • been waking around 4:30 am lately, what the heck-
      Breakage Tuesday – gosh, I hope not – gotta at least start half put together;)-
      the more I keep at this writing the minutely bolder I become until someone makes me cry;)-
      someday, the little dude will tell his story, perhaps a book for another day:)

      here’s to Tuesday whatever the hell it brings (hopefully coffee now, wine later;))-
      thank you, DS

      pkg mailed yesterday


  2. Love this little guy! Love this short pithy piece too!
    What it reminds me of is this: takes a long time to build trust, and then it can be shattered so quickly and, unlike Humpty Dumpty, it takes a long long time to rebuild. You, my friend, are fearless in so many ways! 🙂 Happy Tuesday indeed.

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  3. So TRUE, AnnMarie! It’s hard to recover from being let down by a good friend, though I think it’s bound to happen sooner or later to most of us. Thank you for stating it so well. It’s one of the hardest tasks I know, being a fearless friend. Happy Fearless Tuesday to you.

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  4. Oh AnnMarie never doubt yourself you are the greatest artist ever! My favorite one! And my favorite person too. Hope you are feeling better and more confident. Remember you are a big Winner with a big capital W!!!! AnnMarie is also the prettiest girl ever and the greatest friend a guy could have! AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo!

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