friends from another side

Dearest Friend,

I have not forgotten you
have you forgotten me
it’s hard
keeping up with it all
isn’t it
you know what days and nights play at
life, now she can be a bitch
just as she can be a lover
whatever her mood
I embrace her
as I do thoughts of you
while in her arms
wishing like hell, they were yours

Voodoo Yellow Man/mixed media

and here is my original pal, hatched a few years back prior to earth tone clothes shopping


9 thoughts on “friends from another side

  1. Original pal seems to have had a little more sun, methinks. 🙂 He’s actually adorable–in a native sort of way. Really, a wonderful, delightful monster drawing oozing with personality.
    You know, I’ve read this “verse” out loud several times and can’t help but think that its cadence (not sure if that’s the right technical term) as well as many of its phrasings so strongly remind me of those little ditties penned by one Miss E. Dickinson (you know her, right? LoL). Truly, AM, this is a lovely piece of writing–and that last line is a superb, unexpected zinger (I guess something unexpected *would* be a zinger, eh?). 😉
    I know this is a work of poetic-fiction, but I would think that whoever calls AM Roselli “friend” is a very lucky person indeed–and that goes for Miss AM herself.

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