lesson for you young ones

You young ones lost down deep in the complexity of meaning, mired in eternal dark know this much, mind survival is a choice. Blackness is warranted due to the egregious and often unpredictable and intangible idea of “satisfaction.”  Happiness is more difficult to achieve than faith which takes a lot of singing. We–the elder who’ve been at this shit a bit longer harbor insecurities too. We’re no different. Your words were our utterances decades ago before additional years laid claim over our judgement. Long term attachments to our thoughts and deeds stretched and there was definitely some snapping.

Life as a noun is what we all are granted for however long it is ours to have. There is no fairness in this gambler’s roll. We–all of us–planet props. She decides when to pull the curtains and poll the audience. Cut roses might land at our polished toes for a short while but our ashes will blow like everyone else’s in the end.

Life as a verb is where things get interesting. We may fuck up our own lives. We may fuck up other lives. We may “fuck” (that’s not really very nice-insert “make love” if it fits) and make more lives. It’s all off-the-cuff as none of us know what we’re doing. It’s guesswork mixed with feasible traditions, doable effort and the ability to look or sound convincing. Some of us jump from planes, some rule cleaning supply closets while others drive cars. There are people who kiss and hold hands. There are those who laugh at flesh. Build sandboxes or pyramids. Walk on water or fly on drugs. These lists are endless when life is a verb.

While in the active form–you are more than a prop. Call yourself a writer, a student, a lost soul, an accountant or weather reporter–whatever role that satisfies. If you take this action and pull down blackout curtains you shorten the showtime. If “life” meaning has eluded you or you don’t see the sincerity you believe should be available, perhaps you need to practice a bit longer. Maybe try a different accent. Stand a bit taller or crawl.

The distance between life and death is but a few feet down. The difference between love and hate is measured on the same surface. The reason for your life is closer to you than anything else.


call it comets or divine intervention or whatever term you’d like to ascribe–”life” rolled them off the craps table
dinos created using Adobe Illustrator about 20 years ago-that pains me to say;)
sorry for the cussing in this one


25 thoughts on “lesson for you young ones

    • hi there, John-
      I do feel guilty sometimes about my additional cussing of late – not sure if it’s just a phase or a “new” writing style surfacing. I sort of just go with it. It does make me feel bad as I know some folks are offended by cussing. But I need to do what my brain tells me – she’s in charge, I’m only the chauffeur;)
      thank you
      hope you’re doing well
      loving your funky/artful images on Insta

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  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. So my doctor is lowering my dose for the safety of my health on too much meds and he is going to try to space out meds more by hours. I am glad he is being careful. I got to see him thursday. Wrote some new chapters of Rita B Brewster the new tribute version of Punky Brewster. That’s a project I want to finish so I am going to work on that now. AnnMarie=Number One hope you are staying cool on this hot night AnnMarie!

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  2. You know, having just woken up from a night’s enchantment down memory lane–we went to Bob’s 40th class reunion–reading your words here is like an added blessing–that extra gift you get which you weren’t expecting and therefore has extra special meaning.

    Your words here, AM, are golden. I hope you print them out and laminate them and give them to Caroline as she goes off to her big adventure. And I wish I’d had these words to hand out last night, to all those “kids” who have grown older (and some have even “grown up”). You’re right: “the distance between life and death is but a few feet down”–absolutely. You’re waxing philosophical, Miss, and it is grand. You should do it more often! 🙂

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    • ooo reunion – fun!
      thinking thoughts of the very old sitting in rooms not moving out of chairs and the very young packing duffles and buying shower shoes for common bathrooms – oh, the changes a comin’
      thank you, DS
      hope you had a grand time – sounds like it:)


      • The reunion was fun, AM–and I got by on just 1 glass of Merlot (I can’t promise that for next month’s reunion, mine, which comes with it much more social pressure, lol). Surely you must have a reunion this year, yes? If so, hope you go; it’s great fodder for a writer. I just stood by the bar last night and scanned the room, took it all in; fascinating.

        I just commented on my blog to you about the changes you’ll soon be coming into. You really do have both ends of the spectrum, don’t you? Well, I know you’ll breeze through any and all changes because you’re a strong woman, one who, like the willow tree, knows how to bend without breaking.

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