I am the wolf

Disclaimer: I claim nothing

I think I’m in trouble. No, maybe it’s you. All my hiding behind lunatics when I was the crazy one the entire time. I find lately I’m wanting to rip the skin off the earth. Madness. I am duty-bound by the moon to follow your scent. Don’t make me do it. A maniac to the whim of lunar phases. You see, my friends I believe I’m a wolf when the moon ties itself to my bedroom window. My teeth bite my tongue. My jumping legs don’t let my body rest. It is my mind where I’m most harried. Hope is floating away in the arms of a silver balloon. It’s not the mist on the moors you need worry about. There’s never much mist in New York, I can tell you that. I refuse to divulge anymore reality than my remaining conscience affords me. I tell you this because I must hunt again soon. Have you ever been body hungry–starving deep down in your bones–where food and drink will neither satiate nor soothe. My thirst is far worse. Gentility has fought off the wolf, but I grow weaker by the day. These last coherent thoughts are captured through eyes of gold fog. Several purple veins are pushing through my temples. I thought the blood pounding in my ears was the five o’clock city train. It was my own pressure betraying me. I couldn’t dance upright when last I tried. I am a monster. I am a beast. I am unkind. I am nothing to anyone. These last few humanized moments are over. I stopped crying last night. There will be no tears shed when I hunt. I now fear for my life. I fear much more for yours.

Shunk closeupprisma on black construction paper, thank you for humoring me as I was hungry to use my blue wolf again:)


10 thoughts on “I am the wolf

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! How was your weekend? I feel better today more upbeat and happy. I saw Suicide Squad liked Margret Robbie and Will Smith was awesome.I have been writing more and that has helped with the stress. Had fun shooting hoops today I wasn’t missing too many shots. I wish I could shoot like that every day. My diabetes is under control. I love wolves. I got Stephen King’s ‘Cycle of The Werewolf’ next to my computer. Hope your weekend was great./ AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo!


  2. If you claim nothing, then you’re claiming everything, right? LOL
    Kidding aside, I am so glad you brought blue wolf back again–he is quite terrifying, yet beautiful too (a true contradiction in terms, as are all deeply complex people and creatures). These words are perfect for him, exactly what he shall say when he’s come to the “last few humanized moments.”
    A wonderful flash, AM. And I’ll end with a question: How did you come to write this piece, if you don’t mind my asking? Do you remember? Did the art inspire you? I’m only asking because I just find it incredible how vastly creative you are–your word-strokes are widely expansive, covering anything you wish to write about. Amazing.

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