Omnisu needs you

Not feeling it today. She moans at her laptop while watching for telltale apocalyptic signs. Her mind traveling quickly crosses wires with the four horsemen and Ben-Hur. She wanders onward and back to 115 BCE. As a gladiator, she is bestiarii for certain and not venatores. Arena life in the ancient Roman Empire is unfair just like today. No words are cooperating. She is Omnisu, a sheep thief who has been sentenced to death by, “damnatio ad bestia” thrown to wild lions or tigers. Omnisu will not attempt to harm such exquisitely exotic creatures. He is not even a sheep thief. He had been trying to give an injured sheep some much needed medical attention when Barbinnos thought Omnisu was absconding with one of his prized flock–the black sheep with the white ears and tail.

The black sheep dies. It returns as a giant wild-eyed creature with a ravenous flesh lust on its mind. The carnivorous beast also is insatiably thirsty for sweet metallic blood. Behind a gorgeous backdrop of wine grapes (sorry had to put that in), well-dressed Romans are panicking in the streets. Omnisu is taken from the arena to be sacrificed to the colossal beast. Only that’s not what happens.

As buckets of acidic drool from the panting creature’s horrid mouth melt stone pathways, its crazed glowing eyes glaze over a duller black. It stares at Omnisu. It remembers a kindness. A gentle touch to its bleeding foreleg. A muddy pumice tenderly applied. The beast steps almost delicately toward Omnisu. The well-dressed Romans backpedal, some trip over their long robes and togas and they land in acid puddles. As tenderly as Omnisu had tended to its leg, the great creature lifts the panicking bestiarius up and flies away.

She can’t hear what Omnisu is yelling. Does he recognize the beast? What happens to the Romans whose asses landed in acid? The lions and tigers left unattended in the Colosseum were not fed before they escaped. She is bestiarii. A bestiarius. Slay the blank mind beast, fight for the words and get back to writing something of value. Omnisu needs you…

electric doggie

in a monster mood of late, this guy is mixed media done last year-thank you


9 thoughts on “Omnisu needs you

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! Nothing like a ‘monster mood’ to get you going. Sad they made the last vcr in Japan. I miss vcrs and vhs tapes and videostores. Booo! I wrote my friend Marta 4 love poems I hope she likes them I told her about them. Wrote a couple for Rita. Still having bad anxiety but poetry helps a lot soooo fun. AnnMarie=Number One! woo hoo!

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      • Your welcome AnnMarie there are only reasons to be positive when you got AnnMarie as your friend. A caring wonderful lovely soul. Yea I see the dr tom hopefully he can give me my anxiety meds back for morning because my anxiety has been super intense and thats no fun but I think he will take care of it tomorrow. I don’t think he will leave me with intense anxiety for the rest of my life. I am not sure what he is going to do but its a real process medication changes and adjustments as time passes he get the right dose and the side effects go away. a change of a dose has you off a few days that is the way it is. i will keep you updated tomorrow on the meeting. annmarie=number one woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I’ve got several thoughts, at random (’cause I’m only on my 1st cup of coffee, slept late): 1. I think Omnisu would be a wonderful name for a car, 2. This post has added a few new words to my vocabulary (thank you), 3. This blue monster is scary, 4. I love the personal asides (“sorry had to put that in” and “Only that’s not what happens”) which lends a real “storyteller’s” touch, 5. This is the kind of tale I like where the beasts/animals and innocents come out alive, 6. It has a terrific ending, and that 2nd to last line is perfect and perfectly true except for the 2nd half of it which isn’t true because this piece IS “something of value,” it’s wunderbar, it’s fun, and it’s so well written. Nice, AM. 😉

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