only Jack London really knows

Eternal damnation. Eternally. Catholic school hit the point pretty hard. Don’t be pretty. Don’t get hard. You’ll surely float up with the saints as they go marching by, blowing no heralding trumpets. Damn, I want trumpets. If you’re not planning to burn at the stake anytime soon, better make sure you’re not gonna burn in hell. It’s fucking hot down there. I just got back. Can’t keep a drink on ice, but Lucifer can throw a jam–had a rompin’ time with that cherry-faced son of a bitch.

We laughed about all the crap upstairs. All the nasty junk people hide–toil over in the chasms of their suggestive inside-voice minds. That’s why they teach “use your inside voice” in preschool. Start ’em early so their dance cards don’t get Eternally punched. I know a few folks who don’t think much, other than what the weather is going to be like next week in Poughkeepsie. They don’t want to get wet leaving the grocery store with their Cheetos and ice cream. But when the ground looks all wavy from a distance and the steam doesn’t break, they say the devil is just warming up. Francois uttered it best when he prophetically cast, “Dat Buck two devils-” Dat’s why Jack London be in heaven now.

We’re going to burn in round two. Dat’s what the little blue pamphlet with Jesus on the cover says. Too bad as I’m not really a big fan of burning. Tried it once during spring break in Fort Lauderdale. I day baked all kinds of warm ruddy shades. But night drinks were free, cooling and many. Big Red, that hot demon likes a drink. I watched those confidant curving lips of his suck a liter down like nobody’s business. Now on the burning, I’m not sure if it’s better or worse than death-by-water. Considering the ark can only accommodate so many comfortably and the chef isn’t Anthony Bourdain, I’m not all that interested. No culinary orgasm, no boarding. And the chef is an author too. So you know his chops must be fucking creative.

In the end it’s pretty simple, enjoy your life because no one knows what the ‘hell’ is going to happen. If they say they know, don’t believe them unless Jack London has returned their calls. (Now that would really be something) Oh yes, let us all put forth our best efforts to be kind and human-like. xo

hall monister

just a fun little sketch done last year while on a subbing break-oh, what being back in school does to me, thank you



5 thoughts on “only Jack London really knows

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie I have great news to report!!!! The dr and I met discussed some things he moved anxiety medication to the morning and feel all better. He says I am on a lot of medication and will have to be on it for the rest of my life to sleep. Two other drs were concerned about the amount of medication I was taking. I gave him the idea to take away trazadone a sleep medication that hasn’t been working for a long time. I feel a lot better healthier today and feel positive things are going to work out just fine. AnnMarie=Number One!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Your welcome AnnMarie yea its never fun when your dr changes your meds and you can’t help but go off the rails! But I feel very healthy today and I was happy with how my dr listened and addressed my problems with anxiety. I took the meds and I feel magically back to my ‘level’ self. Woo hoo! star necklace! Awesome!


  2. I recently wrote a short piece about a “Catholic thing” that really happened to Bob. I’m sorry I missed all the fun of Catholic schools. 😉 A nice/funny/sweet post, AM, with a fella that seems kinda scary-sweet. I would think your male readers should comment in droves seeing that old Jack London’s name is in the title. DS


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