building paper boats and childlike ranting

The Blue Angels are flying over my house. A few years ago they flew so close by I swear I saw an upside down helmet and a smiling face. To fly. Freedom in the sky. In the clouds. I often think it so very ironic that only eight minutes from my house sits a small airport with a landing strip long enough to land a space shuttle–one may have landed here years ago, can’t remember– and I haven’t traveled anywhere in such a long time. I often watch these enormous military planes descend marveling at how they stay afloat in the air when they carry the weight of the world.

It has been a struggle of late, deciphering where I dream my words flying. Used to be so much clearer. Things have grown a bit hazy and the atmosphere thick. God, how many of us are out here, everywhere trying to do the same. Yet, this does not change our itinerary, does it. I’m no different. I waste more time struggling on the ground than flying in the air. I’m growing tired and losing a bit of chrome polish. We all suffer in our own way. I’ve created a personal flight plan that includes spreading thin with just enough left to light coat a piece of paper with tired ink.

My frustration is creeping up and it will culminate one day into pulling the plug on all this social media. And the ‘whys’ as to what I’m doing continuing to write online when I should curl in my cave and go at my muse like Ali. I find the media of media more and more distracting. How much time do you continue giving when time is not bottomless. So much speaks to the musts of social media today. To get your words anywhere, to make them fly maybe even rocket you must pilot the spacecraft. I’ve been trying with all my heart to stay the course. I write myself into places that take me away. Create people I don’t know–maybe I do–I’m not ever really sure where any of these folks come from. Yes, sure we all know there are pieces of ourselves that go into our art. Art imitates life in that order and this is nothing new. It is old. Too old.

I am working on an illustrated book of verse. I’ve mentioned this before. I am not a salesperson. I’m not shy just not wonderful at touting my own work. I was an art director for a publishing company before my daughter was born. I did that job really well because I sold other artists’ designs. Today, I keep thinking, “okay, AnnMarie you’re gonna print a bunch of these books then what.” I dislike pushy tactics. Dislike when instant messages tell me to go read this or that. I won’t do it. I can’t. My innerchild is obstinate and bullish which makes my whole plan sort of ironic–self publishing. You pay a self publisher, yet you still must provide a marketing plan extolling all the wonderful ways you’ll PUSH your endeavor. Pushing art, adds a whole lot of romance into the notion of beloved muse. When this book of mine is ready, it will be placed here and other venues. Will all this matter. Time will tell. At the very least, I will have something my folks can show their friends and something my children can take with them whether or not I’m here.

In my heart, I naively believe in tossing your paper boat into the raging sea. If it you built it true, it might stay afloat. If you built it really well, hell, maybe it will magically take to the air. To the sky where you can soar into the clouds. Like the Blue Angels.
Caroline and Max spiritSpirit mural (based on DreamWorks movie) I painted long ago and since painted over


8 thoughts on “building paper boats and childlike ranting

  1. This is a lovely post, AM. I think your words have captured, perfectly, what many of us feel (just another example of your exquisite writing skills and sensibilities). That last graph–pure poetry. I think we all (especially me) should read those poetic sentences and commit them to heart. Thank you.
    Your book will be fabulous. Nothing to worry about there. Keep rowing, keep rowing.
    P.S. The Thunderbirds will be flying ver our airspace this coming weekend.

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  2. Ah —- I have not been reading from my reader of late and so am just catching up with you my friend. I’ve yet to take my poetry and choose some to make a “book”….that is on a bucket list but as the ole song goes, “there’s a hole in my bucket, my bucket, my bucket….” 🙂 I mainly write for me…I think that’s what keeps it sane. Goes into my blog — starts in my scribble down journal. Some goes into my FB to share with relative — but hardly any — poem posts on FB, not relatives! 🙂
    You, my friend, must repeat this aloud three times, then click your heels together and pour a glass of wine! “I AM a talented artist in many ways. A beautiful woman, mom, wife and daughter.” Say it — out loud! 🙂
    Smiling I am — and do NOT feel compelled to all of a sudden start reading my stuff……..just keep your head above water and smile! 🙂

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    • I’m so very behind too and I fear it will only get worse in the upcoming weeks as I attempt to put together that which I hope will become a book
      You are so very generous with your thoughts here – I appreciate every kind word and I’m humbled by your comments
      I often read your poetry and think – to have such a command of language and art in the same breath –
      I thank you, my friend


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