experiment in non-thought

Some days you don’t want to be here which is not practical. You are here. Much as these super-egos squat our backsides on islands, we are surrounded. The black rose in the blood red bouquet, a pipe dream to smoke when alone in the dark. Oh, but how those translucent rings float up and out the window. A head heavy on the pillow staring at the frail stars dripping dying light. Waxing the word association. There is no brightness in dazzling beauty. It is cold up there where we hang our dreams with long rope. The sky is a mirage of security coveting noxious fumes and broken babbling. We cut journeys with blades dulling over time. We look back and the paths are overgrown or lost to erosion and evolution.

When your life is not the thing you own, you must own something. I own moments. Island moments in the middle of an ecru rug where my socks slide and my pencils etch pieces of thought into practicality. Not wanton dreams. Visions sedate enough to present as art. This is more reassuring than hidden roads or banal self-medication. Frame momentary illumination when setting the soul to graphite. Maybe words are sleeping. Binding your ankles with your mind. Consider ticker tape spiraling from air polluting your face. Visitors once here spilling bags of marbles and letting loose their noise on the world.

Make love in blue jello or throw meat pie. Nights of unbridled make believe. Ropes, chains and monster trucks with helium engines. He asks her for vellum instead she offers a dead candle. They had no matches but wanderlust was in the locker at the bus depot where they met for coffee that turned into hopscotch and mulled wine.

And she laughs quietly inside herself as he approaches her vehicle.
The cop asks, “Do you know where your children are?”
She responds, “Yes, but I’ll be damned if I can find their mother.”

Me and you are enjoying a glass of wine, in conversation you ask, “AnnMarie, what is your favorite all time movie moment.”
This scene captivated me from the first…to this day, no other in my heart has ever gotten this close for so many reasons
and hey, it’s almost Christmas;)


20 thoughts on “experiment in non-thought

  1. (A caveat before I begin; Remember, I tend to misread, read more seriously into your words than I suppose I should.)

    For me, this post, these words are where the sparks simmer waiting to catch light: “We look back and the paths are overgrown or lost to erosion and evolution.” Not so (my opinion), neverthesless they sing most acutely the frustration of the speaker. Plumb.

    Re: “moments.” Moments ARE flash fiction. Moments captured in words, on the page. Sometimes/often it only takes moments to spin out these moments. Remember.

    Graph 3: ??? Don’t get. Perhaps the “experiment” part of the piece. But Graph 4… the two lines of dialogue, superb, should find their way into prose or poetry.

    Graph 5; Interesting, thought-provoking. Too early to be thinking about Christmas (my opinion). πŸ™‚

    You needed to write this.
    This need to be written.
    There is a difference.
    I’m glad you obliged the muse.

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  2. Hey AnnMarie how are you and how was your weekend? I have great news things are progressing between Julie and I she gave me her number and told me to shoot her text when i want to. Excited normally on my track record with women I am like The Red Sox striking out until the 9th inning. I feel excited Julie and I are a good match she lives in ND but that can change one day maybe. I got 28 horror dvds for 40 cents each from a store going out of business you would love the store a lot of dvds and fun. Hope you are well. ttys


      • Thanks AnnMarie I got exciting news a couple stories one of pure evil one of dreams. Evil coffee people found out I was diabetic put a ton of sugar in the coffee my sugar was 295 I was hurting but it went down to 155. I became facebook friends with Catwoman Julie Newmar. She posted a picture of her garden and called it paradise she asked us what is better than that I responded marrying Julie, dating Julie or being her friend. Like three seconds later she sent me a friend request I accepted we are friends. I can’t believe she is my friend she must like me. Julie Handlan the girl I have been talking to has been real busy with work. I’ll get back in touch with her soon. You stay happy too AnnMarie and know I love you my friend. Keep creating and sharing with us. You are a true talent and a wonderful human being and a pretty lady and a very cool lady.


  3. AM, I reread my comments in the car just now, in the light of day when I’m no longer a vampire, in that moment before the sun sets prior to my wine sipping (!), and I have to say that my thoughts above might have come off as being more critical when what I was really trying to say is that I very much like your experimentation, and as a reader I’m willing to go there with you because you can conceivably do anything in words you want to do.

    Okay, now I’m done. πŸ™‚

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  4. Love everything about this….just miss your normal graphite accompaniment! Smiled at the last line………….just wonder where their mother is! Gosh, don’t we all feel like that sometimes? πŸ™‚ Weekend almost here……….We leave for 2 weeks in Provincetown on Saturday. Missing you my friend….

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    • thank you, Lillian
      I was not really in the mood to think and I literally just let my mind go without too much concern –
      I would be lying if I said I didn’t hesitate a moment before hitting the pub button
      enjoy your visit – ah, to have your traveling life! hope the foot/ankle is healing well

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