rivers of white v2

I don’t sleep the way I used to
in cool twists and quiet spells

I can’t possibly go up the tall stairs to my bedroom
without releasing the weight of my fingers into another space
my hands will push letters
rivers of white will burst outside my mind

I will say things I would not do
I will do things I would never say
caught in between
like a sturgeon and the silt

words as floppy as fishes
swim upstream to spawn
if not completely undone by the journey
will develop into erstwhile muses
then swim back in the other direction



art created last year for an illustrated project

this is a writing piece from last year
I’ve been going through some of my earlier writing
revising the pieces that can be salvaged
many are not wonderful and must be left to
drown in their owner’s ick;)
thank you

“river of white” is actually an old publishing term describing the white spaces created between words on a page