his Bess

I don’t think I’ll ever forget you
why, I’m not sure
I try not thinking of you
why, I’m not sure
I have thoughts of you
do you know
you must
my heart acts on its own
a precocious child
my brain is busied with too many other things
while my soul constantly seeks outer-body liberation
I dream too
there we speak of art, writing and show tunes
as a child I adored, Porgy and Bess
how I wanted to ride with determined Porgy in his wobbly goat cart
off to find his woman, his Bess
the dream goes on awhile
until the moon gets obnoxious and my eyelids flutter
but I never see your eyes
in my dream we never kiss
you have no eyes
nothing for me to gaze into
to know it’s real
the stars fade away to nothingness

I wake
baby gorilla
I get a lot of mileage outta this chimp. His eyes match so many of my words for pieces like this one. – thank you