his Bess

I don’t think I’ll ever forget you
why, I’m not sure
I try not thinking of you
why, I’m not sure
I have thoughts of you
do you know
you must
my heart acts on its own
a precocious child
my brain is busied with too many other things
while my soul constantly seeks outer-body liberation
I dream too
there we speak of art, writing and show tunes
as a child I adored, Porgy and Bess
how I wanted to ride with determined Porgy in his wobbly goat cart
off to find his woman, his Bess
the dream goes on awhile
until the moon gets obnoxious and my eyelids flutter
but I never see your eyes
in my dream we never kiss
you have no eyes
nothing for me to gaze into
to know it’s real
the stars fade away to nothingness

I wake
baby gorilla
I get a lot of mileage outta this chimp. His eyes match so many of my words for pieces like this one. – thank you


17 thoughts on “his Bess

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! How is my beautiful friend doing this afternoon? My day was made when Julie Newmar (The Catwoman) wrote me after I said ‘Julie Newmar is the sunshine of the world!’ she wrote back ‘you know how to make people feel good’ It felt good to hear that from her ‘the woman of my dreams’ as a young boy and even to this day. I am going to try to do more writing today. I did a few chapters yesterday. Exciting getting the book almost done I have the vision of how it will go from here on to finish. AnnMarie=Number One! woo hoo!

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  2. This is nice, AM. Has a “throwback” feel to what/how you were writing about a year ago. Really like the tone in those 2 lines: “the dream goes on awhile / until the moon gets obnoxious and my eyelids flutter.” DS:)

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      • Well, you’re tiptoing wonderfully, AM. Just be careful of the poppies–oh, wait a minute. I’m thinking of a movie, not a stage show. 😉 In that tiptoe, the girl falls asleep but she dreams of a witch, if I recall correctly. And those winged monkeys–now they always scared the shit out of me (even though, by nature, I adore monkeys, wanted one as a kid [still do], and had a stuffed monkey I called Joey–all useless info you didn’t need to, nor want to know, eh?) 🙂 Enjoy your evening, soon shall sip B … After I run. Btw: Went Kohl’s clothes shopping today; just tried on my “purchases,” yuck! Going back tomorrow. I’m starting to panic. What can’t I just wear my pajamas to the damn reunion? Would that be a faux pas?

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      • lol I say wear the jammies especially if they are of the superhero variety!
        it’s amazing – these shorter pieces got many more likes much more quickly than the flash pieces – that makes me a little sad, oh well.
        I had a pinked stuffed dog my Aunt Nina gave me. I cut his ears off and called him Charlie:) I loved him dearly.
        You’ll look beautiful and intellectually stunning for your reunion – I have no doubt!
        enjoy, DS and thank you for your words here

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  3. Bought something; it’ll have to do 😉
    I know why the verses get more likes, more quickly: they’re more stream-lined and accessible, whereas your flashes have that thick impasto thing I was talking about and therefore make the reading more challenging. HOWEVER, that is NOT to say that you should ever, in any way, change your flashes–they’re perfect. Do not, I repeat, do not, write down to your readers. Make them come up to your level, challenge them–they’ll be glad you did.
    And I remember Charlie–I think you sent me a picture of him! Like my Charlie, except yours was pink and my Charlie better not be (he keeps rolling in rabbit turds, I’ve given him 2 baths already this week, he thinks he’s being pretty funny).
    No need to reply. I just had to comment about your writing comment.

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