river to ocean

we seek
inhaling cool unbroken dawns
shrouded beneath starless skies
through prayer hands of gods
the pure eyes of beasts
the wet lips of lovers
we grasp
rationales for our
unadulterated existence
baring distractions
desiring naked truths
of us
in us
this sense of being
walking a planet begrudgingly shared

we will discover nothing
if not ourselves
in the calm of our own private moments
peace ripples
river to ocean
first oceanthe only ocean painting I’ve done in my life


11 thoughts on “river to ocean

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! Hope you had a wonderful weekend my beautiful friend! I did it AnnMarie! I finished the horror book ‘Halloween’. I was proud of how I took my time and thought it through. I expanded the ending to get a better ending by taking a break and a idea popped into my head and I knew that was how to end it. Julie loved it! I had a rough day with my blood sugar 258 worked down to 144 through 45 minutes of basketball. I feel great now. I am planning a party and a celebration for the book. It was hard work. This is one of my best because I did a lot of good things as a writer in it that I know made the best story for the readers. Make sure you read it. AnnMarie has a small part in there too. AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo!


  2. I’ve got to comment about your art first, this “only ocean painting” you’ve ever done. Say whaaaa? This aqueous ‘scape is incredible. Those waves are frenetic, yet intriguingly plunge-in-able. I’d say you should “plunge” in and paint some more waterscapes (or as my Spellcheck wanted to correct to: “water apes”). Please, do it.
    Now, about your “verse” — it is another beautiful, classic Rosellian word-painting. Incredible. And let me just say, that last verse seems to me your summation of your own artistic journey. I see AM discovering herself and her talent “in the calm of [your] own private moments,” those studio moments, among others, wherein your creations peacefully ripple through you to your reader. If you don’t “get it” by now, the universe has conspired to show you the way to your gifts and it of course expects you to use them.
    End of Sermon #7883892
    ***Sorry, didn’t mean to wade into the deep end, but that’s how I’m feeling tonight.***

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    • I really feared painting an ocean – I’m not a wonderful landscape artist – I create most of my art to avoid doing anything tree or leafy or wet – I tend to focus on what I do better, people, critters and beasts:)
      but thank you, it’s always special to get a vote of confidence
      in my head right now are short verses – my brain is at capacity with monsters
      I thank you, friend as always for your thoughtfully worded words:)
      always look forward to reading your take on my prose – means much:)


      • Fear is just pain leaving the body … Or is that pain is just fear leaving the … Oh, frick it. What I mean to say is, I disagree. Those birch trees you painted with the wolf looked so real I could reach out and touch’em. You do “do” people, critters and beast exceptionally well, but I’ll bet you can also “do” landscapes. I can “do” nothing, alas. 🙂

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      • you know, I’m not sure either – fear/pain either is unpleasant
        I guess I just don’t enjoy landscapes…give me eyeballs and fur anytime;)
        thank you, DS
        don’t dis your artwork, I’ve seen some sophisticated graphic work done in your hand


    • Oh, thank you
      Landscapes aren’t really in my ‘art-house’
      I do like the colors, but when compared to genuine seascapes – I think it’s a bit sea-stumped;)
      I do so appreciate your generous words. If I ever attempt to paint another, I’ll use your words here as inspiration:)

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