the explorers

why do we search for things we cannot find
do we need what we do not have
crave something we should not lack
as for me
my life is full
packed with faces
dreams escape in curves and pencils
nightmares pour into warm merlot
always warm
no cold going down my throat
even on scalding days
why do we search for things we cannot find
am I a coward
are you
not measuring true
cheating on the particulars
how long must she
about this and that and them and him
always unclear
with clarity of purpose
why do we search for things we cannot find
what made them sail outward and away
venture into the vastness of the intimidating sea
a blank globe
needing what they did not have
craving something they did not lack
but wanting all the same
island pirate mask coolthis guy is mixed in media done last year


9 thoughts on “the explorers

  1. My shortest answer/comment ever (well, one of them):
    Without wanting, there is no story.
    P.S. (because I must add): Beautiful words here, AM. Very thought-provoking, deep.

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  2. Truthfully, I think we all know we aren’t from here and we’re always looking for home, even if we don’t know where or what that is. It’s a longing we can never satisfy but we never stop looking. I love the poem. It’s wonderful, so is the artwork.

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    • thank you, Georgiann
      I’m writing through my doubt as I grow ever closer to getting this little book of mine done – makes one contemplate reasons for many things and nothing at all
      thank you for your kind thoughts


    • thank you, I appreciate your generous words here
      funny, though I wrote this piece, I am sometimes guilty of the very same-

      -the way you put words together is quite wonderful – I look forward to reading more of your work
      happy weekend to you

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  3. Thank you AM for your kind words about my attempts at poetry! I think it’s very human to always be looking for something that just might possibly be better than what we already have, and that’s the cause of so much of our anguish… I certainly haven’t perfected the art of contentment!

    All the best and I look forward to your future posts.

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