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Sometimes it’s nice to lighten up and relax especially sailing into a cool weekend. No heavy thinking, writing or mind stomping. I don’t know about you, but watching an old Britcom while pushing on a damn elliptical that resembles Satan with exceptionally long black twisting horns does a heart glad. I’d like to share a few humorous lines I enjoyed this morning while sweating. In the situation comedy Keeping Up Appearances (Season 1, Episode 7) two married characters are having a conversation in bed.

Daisy- “We hardly have any conversation these days. Even when we make love you rarely speak to me, especially when we make love you rarely speak to me.”

Onslow- “You think doing two things at once is a formula for success?”

Daisy- “It’s just, at times like that, a woman likes a little confirmation that there’s actually somebody there.”

Onslow- “It’s that memorable is it?”

Two Head

a silly graphic from last year-thank you


12 thoughts on “Britcom conversation

    • I began watching in ’92 I think. A dear coworker and friend originally from merry old England (your neck of the beautiful woods) told me about it. I became an instant fan:)
      I watch them now from time to time – I’d forgotten just how wonderful all the characters were!
      You should rewatch – kind of transports one away from all the planetary crap if only for a moment – and a smiling one at that:)

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      • I grew up and have always lived in the suburban area portrayed in ‘Appearances, and the marriage of Hyacinth and Richard always reminded me of that of my grandparents- although my Nan wasn’t quite as overpowering, bless her. In England, I’m pretty sure it used to air on a Sunday afternoon; good times. There’s another show which came out around the same time, although maybe it was a little earlier. It’s called ‘Watching’. It was set in northern England in and around Liverpool, so it’s got a different feel to it, and it centres around a younger cast of characters, but I’ve always had a soft spot for it. Maybe check it out and see what you think? 🙂 x

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      • I will most definitely check out, Watching – thx. I sensed you arrived in this world in suburban clothing. As grit raw as your prose is – you have an uncanny way of threading an underlying beat of honest and humble:) What a most excellent place to grow up. I adore English cottage gardens!
        happy weekend to you
        I am also a child of suburbia, but our gardens weren’t nearly as nice;)

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      • Thank you very much for saying so 🙂
        I hope you enjoy Watching. Another show from my childhood is ‘2Point4 Children’. Same suburban setting, but set in London and focusing on one household in particular. Brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. Very 90’s!
        I hope your Sunday is a lovely one. It’s a lazy and grey one for me 🙂 x


      • you’re are most certainly welcome
        I seem to be on a KUA roll right now
        once I finish with Ms. Bucket, I’ll watch “Watching”:) and then give 2Point a go
        Nice to imagine you smiling;)
        had a splendid weekend – hit Times Square to watch Fiddler on the Roof
        thank you

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  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! I got good news the new Diabetic medication working great. Sugars were 100 and 97 so far. That is normal blood sugar. So glad I contacted my dr got that med change. I am very active though not writing. I am selling stuff on ebay. I sold a wrestling dvd for 27 helps when you are broke at the end of the month. I posted 2 other out of print wrestling dvds that should score 15 to 25 bucks each. I just need a little cash to get me through next week. How was your day AnnMarie?


  2. You got’s a good ear, AM. Writers should “always stay open for business” (with one’s ears and eyes, of course). Sounds like a funny show.
    Happy weekend–try to relax, enjoy. 🙂

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