it’s different today

alone with people 
lonely inside himself
like her
it’s different today

there are those who are complete
with Barbie accessories
used to be days-of-the-week underwear
she’s dating herself
how fun it was back then to misplace Friday
nothing humorous about G-strings
unless you count the wedge itch
you can’t scratch in public
that’s the problem with this new crop of lovers
no sense of humor
‘cleverness’ is their wheelhouse

those pouting cell phone faces
hair calculatingly tousled
upper and lower bulges endlessly optimized
in faux snake scale

elegant mystery lost on past illusions
the past

he covets one
a sense of humor
present when
he’s not trying to be so hard
with thoughts
or backstories
like her
prancing around boldness
except on the dance floor
’80’s disco gloriously simplistic

they are alike
they are alone
in a world beset by shiny upstarts
bedazzled with
Barbie accessories
they summon old-school dreams
and pray these fading thoughts will keep them company
when they are alone
slithered out of my head last night-thank you

12 thoughts on “it’s different today

  1. Must start with the art first, because I’m so excited to see that your pencils and pens and whatnot are sharpened and with the guidance of a true artistic hand are making art again. Yes! Yes! Yes! I love this slithery woman, AM (and knowing my reptilian phobias, that’s saying a hell of a lot! LoL). Those eyes, those eyes; again, again.
    And of course the verse, such a fun social commentary with all of the exactly-right details. Beautiful. And you know, that opening line is a bombshell: “Alone with people.” Boy oh boy, that’s the worst feeling ever, yet you have so creatively swerved from it to a more lighthearted description of modern life/love, and then, at the end, swerved back down, diving like a cormorant into the icy waters, toward that hard, hard true. Bella, bella! DS

    Liked by 1 person

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