did I really know her

how well did I really know her
not well enough to know
she taped notes to the underside or back of every holiday decoration
to ensure they returned to their same perfect place each season
I did know her well enough to taste the warmth of her home
before that front door ever opened
how well did I really know her
not well enough to know
she would begin creative endeavors quite seriously
collecting all the necessary supplies
then have a go-at-it for awhile before leaping to another adventure
another collection of precious stuff
I did know she always looked lovely from her smiling eyes to her tiny feet
in perfect shoes
I later found out
she sometimes purchased 2 identical sweaters
just in case
I did know her well enough to sense
her plans were her dreams
I knew her well enough to be a part of her life
and her love
the very same love that kept those big dark eyes of hers speaking
when she could no longer talk
how well did I really know her
well enough to keep her memory
strapped inside my chest
for as long as my heart continues to beat
purple-wild-hair-editscreated this weekend
happy b’day Aunt Nina, forever in our hearts

12 thoughts on “did I really know her

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! Hope you had a good weekend! Good news! I returned to children’s writing it is fun and makes me happy. I went to a Fair today and going to buy a halloween mask for halloween. Hope my beautiful gorgeous friend is doing well!

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  2. Ah, you have hit upon the very essence of life: keeping one another in our memories and our hearts, whether here, or elsewhere. I know your Aunt Nina was/is a very special person to you, AM. I’m so sorry she’s not around to read your gorgeous words, view your incredible art … but … your words and art (yeah! new! wunderbar!) honor her in the best way possible. She would be so proud of you. I’m sure she also knew what was inside your heart and she would want you to keep writing, making art. DS

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