slow dancing in a deluge

slow dancing in a deluge
liquid arrows piercing your skin
painlessly pleasurable

everything giving in to blur
commit-less silhouettes

you could go exploring
to the ends of the earth
to the bottom of an ocean
like a wide-eyed child
the supple mind you once cherished

meaningful discovery
don’t you dare remain dry

or accept plain living
search in the rain

clear your head
wash the muck off your feet

Vilmi detail

Vilmi detail

the verse heavily edited and refurbished from last year
this detail is from a much larger painting with 12 family faces I painted several years ago at my mom’s request
Vilmi is my beautiful niece, now 15 – she is named after her Aunt Vilmi who lost her fight to lupus many years ago


20 thoughts on “slow dancing in a deluge

  1. (Said it before, will say it again): This is simply lovely, AM. I don’t remember the “original” version, but I do know this one, now, and it’s magnificent. What wonderful art as well. Vilmi (love that name) has a beautiful spark in her eyes.

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  2. “don’t you dare remain dry
    or accept plain living
    search in the rain
    clear your head
    wash the muck off your feet”

    LOVE this advice!
    Well, I’ve been away far too long, my friend. Life happens and we sure to get busy. Hoping all is well with you — that your daughter is doing well in her college days (and you are too!). When does your book come out?

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    • lol
      busy is as busy does, my friend;)
      I hope all is well in your traveling world and your foot is at or near 100%
      It has been a whirlwind around here just trying to pull this book together – just about there-now I have to do all the marketing/planning. I’ll do what I can do, but I can’t make myself crazy.
      I’ve cut back on blogging and reading posts but will return once things are really underway.
      Caroline is doing well and enjoying though she’s not crazy about winter. lol, she picked a great state to experience winter in;)
      I hope you and your family are all well and happy though I can’t imagine with you at the helm they’d be otherwise!
      my little beastly book, love of the monster should be ready for 12/15/16. At least, that’s what they tell me:)

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      • Let me KNOW when it’s out! We leave Oct 25 for 5 days in Singapore – then back-to-back cruises around Australia and New Zealand; end with 5 days in Sydney and return Dec 2nd. Trip of a lifetime! I’ll get back just in time for your book release 🙂
        PS: I’m thinking the poetic muse will be travelling with me 🙂

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      • I want your travel life Lillian!!!
        sounds spectacular – I’m turning green as I type;)
        you enjoy what I’m sure will be a heart & soul-filling journey
        I have it on good authority that most muses love directly above the oceans:)
        I hope this little monster book is out by the date they gave 12/15/16 –

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