I remember now

can’t remember the last time I was in love with earth
witnessing her miraculous gifts
appreciating silent nature
rather than absorbing pixel and pen minutia

stunning my drowsy eyes was this unexpected moment
4:20 am
it was the moon I needed to touch
his large, low gloriously warm pulse in lusty azure
barely cloaked in the fading veil of night
the taffy-stretched shadow of a red sunset maple
stretched across the dark grass
as if she too, desired infinite perfection
stars tucked away in their opaque shells for another night
this was the moon’s moment
my moment
with him
I stood frozen
and not for the frost assaulting the holes of old moccasins
I peeked through my eyelashes to capture his light
to practice this magic in my mind
committing him to memory
and why I have the good fortune to breathe
etching my soul with our rehearsed minutes
before anxious society attempts to rub my magic out
racing on all compass lines
4:35 am
I remain in the exact same spot
craving forever
knowing the sun will wipe him away
my beautiful moon

wish I could tell you
4:20 am
brilliant gentle fingering rays
enticed me from my lazy bed
the dark truth
4:20 am
my Dachshund needed to urinate

I remember now–
I’m honestly in love with earth

Praying Wizard

Praying Wizard

14 thoughts on “I remember now

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! How are you today? I have high sugar 219 boooo! Well first 200 in a while. I have been enjoying myself watching wrestling. Doing a little writing but trying to take a break. When a writer’s mind is rested it can be very explosive in terms of the amount of writing you can do next. Working on a short story. Ah the fall weather. Halloween is coming! AnnMarie=Number One! woo hoo!

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  2. Love how you described your moments with the moon as such an intense experience. The wizards eyes are so gentle with sadness or concern for what he’s seeing or praying for. Wonderful post, Ann. ❤

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  3. I thought of your verse here this morning, when I was up at 3:30, and then 4:30, and then finally got up to take Chuck out, and set off the frickin’ security alarm … but anyway, when I got outside it was dark and lovely, the clouds moving fast over the moon. And it was still, and peaceful, and perfect. Like your verse here. DS

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