chiseled stallion manes

a grand canyon
opens upon herself
deliberate in need
a succubus of blazing color
lifted from sunken oyster shells
bewitched by desert suns
he, Bryce
wild stallion manes

chiseled of stone
breaking gravity
powdered blue with atmosphere
tawny bleached

breathless creations
we limited to human-ness
can only admire

skeleton stallion

skeleton stallion

many years ago, I saw the Grand  Canyon and believed her lovely, but I was exceptionally amazed at the unusual beauty of Bryce Canyon, Utah
the background in this sketch is an homage to Bryce

4 thoughts on “chiseled stallion manes

  1. Thank you for broadening my vocab (“succubus”) which, having looked up the word, really lit up this verse for me! Another beaut, AM, just like the Grand Canyon (which I have yet to see) or Bryce Canyon (which i have yet to see). Sometime when we talk I should like to ask you a few questions about how you come to write these exquiste words-into-verse. Curious. DS

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    • succubus is one of those amazing words I’d love to use more often but it’s so memorable I couldn’t get away with it
      I was 3-months pregnant when I hiked the Grand Canyon -my sis, Dolores and I had made plans the prior year and I didn’t want to disappoint her – I remember beautiful colors and nausea;)
      We also saw Bryce which shocked me – I thought it so much more spectacular than the GC
      I think I’m a’headin’ into another wordish phase – trying to massage words and ideas that don’t necessarily go together –
      thanks, DS


      • Bob’s done all that hiking, the GC, etc. but of course I’d stay off the trails where sssss-things tend to crawl. Gosh, I do so love “succubus,” which my SpellCheck wants to make “succumb.” Colors and nausea–there’s something there, some cool connection, a perfect word or description, but I’m coming up dry at the moment. No wonder Caroline likes to hike 😉
        Heading into a “wordish phase”–ooo, I like that! Massaging “words and ideas that don’t necessarily go together”–even better! This is a free country, you can do as you darn well please. Mix ’em and match ’em, I say. Make new word combos, liberate the tried-and-true, etc. [my artist’s manifesto, LOL]

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