this is our will

we declare
claim what we want
this is our will
build, create, engineer, refine
spectacular minds ceaseless in dialogues
questioning this universe and beyond
we place ourselves above all living organisms
pontificate our supremacy
other occupiers require too much space
our supernatural right as leaders
take what we desire
force them into boxes
into dead holes
onto ragged patches

perhaps it is we
who are on the bottom
we who have always been the lowly
we who belong in the corners
if all beasts possessed our human capacity
for thought and reason
they might also destroy
the very home they hunt and graze upon
only those with grand intellectual mindsets
can perpetrate the killing of this planet
art previously published – Prisma on construction paper

6 thoughts on “this is our will

  1. I can’t NOT comment – good writing deserves more than a “like,” in my humble opinion (don’t defend the offenders, AM, though I know you will or want to anyway).
    Here’s a great verse, which I’ll call a “poem,” for it is poetry, whether you like that tag or not. It works so very nicely by turning the argument midway, turning the spotlight (which we don’t want to find ourselves in) on the real bottom of the chain, on us “intelligent” humans. I’m sick and tired of all the killing, whether by gun or knife, whether human or animal. Did you know, I just read this on FB but I think it’s true, that the Jimmy John’s founder likes to travel to Africa and hunt big game there? And I liked JJ’s – well, no more.
    Anyway, this is wonderful, as usual. And your art is wonderful too, as usual.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ah, DS – defender of planetary comets:) and things that shake up the world
      you are too kind and always so very generous of word spirit – thank you for your insightful thoughts here
      much appreciated


      • Meant to add: Hope you’re saving/holding back some of these stellar “verses” for sending out. Or: I can see a 2nd vol. taking shape here, pursuing a different theme. Anyhoo, AM, your work just keeps getting better and betterer. 🙂 DS

        Liked by 1 person

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