please do not leave me alone

please don’t leave me alone
with me
she isn’t always patient
often acerbic
with her
demanding the muse
to squat in her studio
silent so she can think
with or without a voice
outside her
this night is especially dark
 blustering trees their arms grabbing
wind pushes those
in his way
muse on a dead leaf
brilliant color now diminished
from overuse
the sky is howling
autumn is upon them
muse and artist
with no words or lines
thoughts in color
passed summer’s glow
dead umber like soil in shadow
ideas in flat space
wind cannot reach
muse cannot speak
senses dulled enough
to hibernate
please don’t leave me alone
I can’t think in dark caves

Shy Bear/Prisma

Shy Bear/Prisma

6 thoughts on “please do not leave me alone

  1. See, this is what I mean (I think I was telling you this just recently) about your poetry being so different from all other verse because you have that “painterly touch.” I can see the artist’s brush laying down these words here so clearly, so lovely. You see the word-world in such a refreshing way, AM. “Dead umber like soil in shadow” — yes! And not to worry; I don’t think your muse is ever going to leave you alone, and you won’t ever be writing from the dark, and this shy bear, by the way, is magnificent (new?). DS

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    • I feel I never get to that place I see in my head like a mirage – perhaps – many of us who write – must content ourselves with seeing the vision out there and striving to reach it in some way
      the bear is back from 2007 ish when I was doing all the wildlife – he’s been hibernating like my brain of late;)

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      • Writers tell me they never get down what they see in their head. I guess that’s a common feeling. Beautiful bear (love bears almost as much as I love deer). DS

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      • you know the word mountain peak from where I speak – it’s a shitty precipice and all nasty and jaggedy – air is too thin – it’s difficult to reach and just as difficult to repel – but worth every screwed up scaling moment

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