Persian rug

such was her heartbreak
the scars were visible from space
trust like a wildebeest
giving way to the crocodile jaws of desire
door to the truth
hinged directly beneath his lying tongue
cut off from his actions
it remained locked
distant to her pain
her heavy chest sunk to the bedroom floor
an ocean of aimless wood
washed over by a handmade find
discovered at an estate sale up north
on a crisp autumn day with golden air
fingers interlocked in an electric ballet
their last hand clasp
today would be dark
the blue sky tarp burnt black
the worn Persian rug often for their lovemaking
until it was the only hard, soft spot remaining
to cushion her shattering pieces

communal totem

created way, way college-back for a design class that I didn’t very much care for

5 thoughts on “Persian rug

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! How was your day? I had a pretty good day excited for The Celtics season starting tonight. The fun begins at 730 I was bad I had candy not good for those blood sugars ahhh. I need a walk or go shoot some hoops.

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  2. Wow, there are so many interesting (meant in the best way possible) word combinations in this poem, AM. I love, keep returning to, “the scars were visible from space / trust like a wildebeest” and my especial favorite: “fingers interlocked in an electric ballet.” Geez, those are great descriptors, they make me stop and think because you’ve handled the language so originally. An “electric ballet” — that gives me goosebumps. This is as gorgeous as the Persian rug once was, AM — and I like the design, too — sorry you didn’t care for the class, though. 🙂 DS

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    • this is one of those rare pieces I actually sort of like too – inspired by my recent watching of the BBC’s Planet Earth series –
      thanks so much DS
      striving for putting unnatural subjects and objects together in a natural way – thinking word Surrealism!!!
      and no I didn’t like the class – I didn’t like most of my classes except the fine art ones:) I was such a brat

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