when you are a storm

he will be there when you aren’t
he will know when you don’t
he will want you when you’re broken
he will stand near when you’ve fallen
he will make room for your art
he will stay when you leave
he will be there when you return
he will sing when you’re hoarse
he will befriend your inner foes
he will be calm
when you are a storm



12 thoughts on “when you are a storm

  1. This is absolutely lovely, AM. Pure, simple, absolute.
    Just goes to show that a few brushstrokes is all that’s sometimes needed to paint great depth of emotion.
    Enjoy the evening! (I’m playing catch-up here. My printer is working again, yay!)

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    • ’tis another repaired and resent out into the air piece – hopefully improved from version one – I edit some of these older pieces so heavily – they’re basically “new”
      thank you, DS
      so glad you got the dang printer going again

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  2. Beautiful work AnnMarie! I had a cancer scare today. It turned out to be other things. A couple things that just go away by themselves and one I might need minor surgery. I decided to something nice for my friend Joey’s sister Natalie. I am writing her book named after her ‘Natalie Perna’. I hope she likes it. I think it will be a great book. I think its the right type of book for me to be writing. Hope you have been well!

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