something about

under on top
this is it
that was now
wasn’t it
wasn’t it
pack pack pack the fucking brain
round the square corners

jump the cycle
break the loop
think outside the box
that was 1990
wasn’t it
business speak
can’t speak anymore
much of anything
who was that glossy chick with the shiny shoes and the matte business card
baby spit on the shoulder
now dirty sports uniforms

something about files or writing
art no it was art
crap family coming this weekend no next
was there a party I was planning for someone I love
it’s the school thing he needs to be at she told you
what? what was I doing

oh yeah
the studio I was filing my art
away for something
wait I’m in the wrong room

where the hell did I put my studio
there’s no food in the fucking fridge
social-ing on social media isn’t always
walk yourself Mojo
I ain’t got the time
I gotta go drop some books by airplane
purple roomI consider my childhood bedroom – my first studio. There at the table is where I pretended to be, Kolchak the Night Stalker. The wall “rainbow” was my first mural. I’d give anything to reclaim my original Breyer horses there on the shelf. My Clairol makeup mirror – geez, I’ll never get that close again to a magnifying mirror with lights, and my little budgie hanging in his little cage – I often let him fly around.

Please pardon, but I’ve been back cleaning old posts. Many I’m not too pleased with, so I’m reworking these older writing pieces while the brain currently in my possession is on vacation.

4 thoughts on “something about

  1. You know, I really like this. I like the way the stanzas bounce around on the “page” (screen), just the way a mind does, and I like the insistent yet frazzled voice. The presentation and message very much mirrors how most of us move through a day.

    And I’d like to say how interesting your photo is — shows that even at a young age you had the hallmarks of creativity (love the typewriter and mural), organization, and pet-lovingness (you had your own bird? cool!). Yes, I can definitely see the studio in this photo, AM. 🙂

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  2. How is my beautiful my AnnMarie friend doing today? My sleep has been completely off I didn’t get to bed til 9am slept until 730pm. I wrote a lot of my new book good story. We need to add some ‘AnnMarie’ in it. Maybe plug AnnMarie’s new book ‘For The Love of the monster’. Hope you are a beautiful day. Keep creating I can’t wait for AnnMarie book number 2!


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