earth tomorrow

 back ally voices rise up from dark corners
let the cave of swallows empty

sun breached chords stroking notes
melodies mottle across the landscape
unclear to deaf ears
voices can scissor the future
dense green forests cut into ribbons
let not the rusted refuse stain the plains
rock the mountains
there can be no life without
let it shape new rivers
feed the world
blacken the soil to harvest full

tomorrow, tomorrow
babydetail from a piece painted long ago on canvas sheet

9 thoughts on “earth tomorrow

  1. Interesting piece?

    What has caught my eye, the word “water”!

    i shall play with this word in general…

    Here is a thought, the fountain of youth… Real or not real?

    kisses within honest love chris

    A gift from a friend, dear friend you money never made it destination, thank you anyway…


  2. Beautiful work AnnMarie! I wrote a lovely story you are in and it also my friends sister is in it. About a man dealing with the death of his wife and befriended by a vampire woman. It’s called ‘Horror Of Natalie Perna’. Got decent sleep today. I am up at night sleeping during the day but doesnt matter getting the right amount of sleep. Are you excited for the holidays? I am! AnnMarie=Number One!

    Liked by 1 person

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