this holiday let monsters be of fantasy only

crouching behind windshields
squatting behind screens
societal svengalis lurk
unruly wild things pacing clear enclosures
bitter birds choosing not to fly
limitations evaporate
when powered on by false gods
emotional anchors become
looming weights of entitlement
hands grip wheels
steering by fabricated courage

verbal appetites satiated by barbs
served beneath craving fingertips

manipulation expands
cracked sea sponge tossed into a violent whirlpool
bytes of malice more sour than sun-baked wine
flow over rims of digital goblets
what happens to some
what happens to us

communicating without the skin of our souls
the flesh of our humility
the forbearance of our hearts
what will become of us
when traveling forward
the divinity of pure movement
and humble earth beneath our feet

as this holiday season fast approaches
may we remember
humanity dwells inside
each and every one of us
let monsters be made of fantasy only



inspired this weekend while returning my daughter to college-many crazed people driving the highways-
many crazed drivers on cell phones rushing to cybershop


14 thoughts on “this holiday let monsters be of fantasy only

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! I got viral bronchitis it sucks but my sister and dad have a worse virus. They will be ok the virus needs to pass on its own. I have been writing a new horror book its been going well has a hitchcock twist. Horror books and AnnMarie’s make me happy so I am glad to be home and can see the positives.


  2. I sense your poetic vehicle has taken a turn down a new avenue of style, AM. This *poem* has wonderfully rich language, imagery and new direction into one of today’s most serious topics: communication (or rather, lack of it). I like this A LOT. Not only a perfect message for the season, but for always. DS

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    • returning Caroline and observing all the insanity on the road ’cause so many of us are – too much going too fast all around and technology sets the stage for too many of us to “act out”…
      thank you, DS for your kind words
      I had to rework this a few times as it rode the crest of being awfully confusing
      I do hope and believe we still can have warm and wonderful days year ’round

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  3. We’re all moving too fast, AM. The world is just a big ball hurtling toward inevitable destruction. The upside: From destruction comes renewal, creativity. (All of life, I read somewhere recently, is about destruction and renewal. Sad, but true.) Time destroys the past, but creates the future — oooo, deep stuff, eh? LOL Anyhoo, nice poem. Here’s to “warm and wonderful days” with good Christmas cheer. DS

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    • I sure hope renewal is behind that big ball – I’d love to know my kiddies grandchildren will have a place to live;)
      thanks again and yes, DS
      to many warm and wonderful days ahead!


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