listen to earth’s language

perhaps if we all spoke in simple language
rather than tongues
if we gazed with eyes
rather than expectations
what if we sang together with voices clear
frenzied rants quietly melting
if we opened ourselves to listening
blocking programmed retorts
this season
imposes upon us
the choice of reflection
the challenge of change
in ourselves
we can create magic
genuine magic
a mystical presence of benevolence
spirited on by a collective desire
to wrap our world in peace
the simplest of gifts
difficult to embrace
yet within our grasp
all we need do
is listen to earth’s language

Baby Elf

Baby Elf


9 thoughts on “listen to earth’s language

  1. Dearest friend…that is so beautiful and filled with hope. My heart and vision see only the Terminator, however, and a world filled with injustice and violence and I don’t know how to see the things you describe any longer. I remember feeling that way, but too much is happening too fast and I’m angry and my claws are out and they are very sharp. Thank you for reminding me that others are still able to see a different possibility. ❤

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    • you are gently and soulfully honest and therein lies
      evidence of hope and warm kinship
      thank you for your kind thoughts, Georgiann
      there is good out there
      let us keep reminding ourselves
      we have the ability and hope that benevolence edges out the rest


      • Thank you. You are proof of your own words. Standing Rock is breaking my heart and the vets who are there are filling me with love and joy. I’m so proud of them and so sad that our world has come to this. Vet’s from Viet Nam are there…they never stop fighting. Good people know the difference between right and wrong and stand up for what they believe in. The evil and heartless police are the enemy and clearly show that some people will follow orders and harm the very people they are supposed to protect. Thank you again. I appreciate you so very much. ❤

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      • maybe the environmental impact study will actually save the environment this time
        we can always hope
        thank you, Georgiann – for your thoughtful words as always


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