for all the other days

we keep these days
certain ones only
to honor, remember, appreciate
ultimate sacrifices made
for the belief in something profound
something greater than ourselves
unity in freedom
power of choice
pride in open mikes
and a stage
whenever we want to sing
regardless of the song
in this place
I am
respectful of loss
contemplative now
for morose memories that stick
in the minds and hearts
of those who went
of those who go
regardless of the political scale
weighing this place heavy
when stripped down
to sweating flesh
panicked beating hearts
rattling the bones beneath
they still moved
they still move
where they felt they had to go
where they are instructed to be
their journey
wouldn’t always come
won’t be
full circle
this is the essence
of this day
these days
remembering individuals
like you and me
giving away the only thing they had
regardless of your thoughts or mine
remember theirs
not just today
not just here

for all the other days
let us practice honoring
so we don’t have to honor
any more dead

Lone Soldier

Lone Soldier



13 thoughts on “for all the other days

  1. I would say “Amen” … except it’s mostly those darn “men” who create wars and killings. Just finished a good feminist collection of essays where I read this (alarming stat from the AMA) re: domestic abuse: “Studies of the Surgeon General’s office reveal that domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of fifteen and forty-four, more common than automobile accidents, mugging, and cancer deaths combined.” Of course, it can be argued that some women do actually beat men and are similarly pro-war, but statistically speaking, men are the ones who “get all worked up” and cause the earth’s pain. As women and mothers (which of course I am not) we need to teach our young men that violence is not a preferable option [btw: I ain’t speaking here about Max and Keith, nor about my Bob]. Unfortunately, words play into violence, which is why women need to stand up to men (like male bloggers) who objectify women and descriptively couch their controlling desires in poetry, i.e., the demeaning things they would “do to them.” Sorry I’m on a rant here–can’t tell I’m working on an essay right now, can you? LOL ๐Ÿ™‚
    P.S.: Excellent poem, AM.

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  2. Beautiful work AnnMarie. Sick all day today boo. Did some writing and doing some more tonight. Gotta do whatever helps. I got sick last night in the middle of the night. Writing helps me so I’ll do that., Can’t wait to get my hands on your book I am sure it will be another source of inspiration for me. I am sure I’ll love your book I love all your stuff and the writing is really good. Cross our fingers for the book to move like cabbage patch dolls in the 80s


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