deliciously contagious

a mouth doused with sweet romance
is deliciously contagious
eyes bedazzled by the goodwill of others
illuminate the world
a steadfast hand that comforts the weak
can reach the Himalayan snow caps

lovers who entwine in a sincere embrace
are more satisfied than Cyber Monday shoppers
a soul refreshed by winter moonlight
will shine for eternity

a heart made of fruitcake
can never be broken

Peppermint Pigs

Peppermint Pigs



16 thoughts on “deliciously contagious

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! Bad news the nurse said its going to be a long time before I recover from this bug but I got tons of meds and special handouts on how to take care of myself. I bought myself brownies it says on the handouts no brownies bland foods but exceptions can be made for a day. I hope you had a lovely day today and your book sales continue to ‘rise’ ‘rise’ ‘rise’! I promoted your book on my page.

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    • you take care of yourself and do whatever your supposed to do to get well
      I appreciate your thinking of my book you’re too sweet
      now rest, relax and eat those brownies (for one small magical moment only!)

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      • I will AnnMarie I will be good and actually do what the handouts say from now on. Of course I am thinking of you and your book. You have been a good friend loyal and treated me well anything I can do to lend a helping hand to get your book some more promotion I’ll do it. I want you to succeed. I am rooting for you. Those brownies are so damn good AnnMarie! I’ll go lie down now and rest watch my horror movies and work on getting well.


  2. This is the third time I’ve tried to leave a comment. I have no idea what’s going on with my computer or WP who changed everything AGAIN. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE your piggies. They are so adorable…as is the poem but the piggies are the cutest. Merry, merry. ❤

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    • It’s those darn elves-morph into twisted imps this time of year-they’re overworked and underpaid😉
      Hope your tech difficulties resolve-I can think of nothing more frustrating!
      Thank you for your kind words,Georgiann
      Merry, merry in return🤗


  3. I just happened to see this post last night before I went to bed. I read quickly and … it took my breath away. I thought, I’ll get up and re-read and see if it has the same effect … it did, it does.

    AM, this is simply superb. The whole post. I think you know how much I love those peppermint pigs from way back (well, a couple years at least). Just looking at them makes me happy. But now, with these new words, well … this is a message that needs to be shared this time of year (and always). But it’s not just the “message,” it’s the writing: you know, I read these lines and I think, “This writer/poet not only knows what in the hell she’s doing, but she does it with confidence and determination.” Meaning: you should never, ever doubt yourself or what you’re doing (I know you do, we all do, but you, AM, need to start believing, need to “trust” in your own talent). Those lines–“a soul refreshed by winter moonlight / will shine for eternity”–is fuckingly beautiful. And looking at those sweet pigs and reading these stunning words–well, I have to say both warmed this reader–physically, mentally and emotionally–on one of the coldest of nights. I’m not kidding. Sorry to gush here, but sometimes gushing is necessary. Necessary for the reader, necessary for the writer.


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    • Woah
      DS-I’m printing this one out and stuffing my Xmas stocking with it and possibly wallpapering my studio (but after the holidays😉) I can’t thank you enough for this grand word cheer – humble thanks and gobs of peppermint pig appreciation😊

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