is it here

is it here
the lifetime
the hours
the minutes
the moments
you work so hard for
kill yourself
push your mind to its unsustainable limits
your heart to its non-containable boundaries
those out-of-sync metal drums
steel tubers slithering between your ears
a maelstrom of indecent wavelengths
not silent since
Silent Night split open the cheer seams
of your calloused fingers
will they ever notice
will he
the lifetime
the hours
the minutes
the moments
a shining star at the top
these endless soul-lurching efforts
is what you daily imagine
when your brain has space left
and the tree is vertical
upright and fresh
in the daylight
things hide beneath other weights
wet spoons and sockets could fry away this opus
remember to wait for the dark
I promise
delicate lights will remind you
rest a minute
a moment
allow the silent night
to quiet your nerves
in this tiny magical space
reserved for you alone
the lifetime
the hours
the minutes
the moments
the ruckus in your body
the battles in your mind
the promise to yourself
never lose sight of the star
the one you placed perfectly on the tree
in the finest snippets of clarity
your mantra
and mine
the inner-voice of relentless hope
it is in these tiniest moments
timelines do not matter
even in its frailest state
is our shining gift

with hope we are at our best
in hope we are at our most human

Baby Elf

Baby Elf


7 thoughts on “is it here

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! Great news I am all healthy for the holidays now! 1/4 done with my horror book sequel ‘Halloween 2’ an exciting and fun project. Hope you are enjoying the holidays! I am sure your books are being special ordered for 1 day shipping from Santa’s elves shop. AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo!


  2. AM, I was trying to multi-task, sitting under a hair dryer in the salon and surfing the web when I left comment here (which I especially liked because I got to use all my various emoticons!). If you got it, great! If not, then let me “try” to say what I said before, which was something like: AM, these words are bella, bella, and seem to be written for you, Max, and the rest of us who need reminding of need of hope. Very beautiful message. And, AM, wishing you and yours a very merriest of holidays [and hereafter would have followed every frickin’ emoticon at my disposal – ’cause I was using my iPhone]. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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