why fix this broken machine

why fix this broken machine
the urgency in uplifting messages
broadcast with heavy hearts
misguided mobs leveling cruel ends
by hideous means
refusing to behave
as a beautiful homogeneous group
faith shaken to the core
our vast home, shriveling
wicked minds vexed by calculating brains
broad strokes of ignorance painting world murals
why fix this broken machine
pulling loads up the mountain
carts inundated with hopeless direction
greed, avarice, folly, sickness
wishing upon flesh stars


despite every sour moment
we suck into our spongy hearts
there is something undeniable
in the endless beauty of man

we are not machines
we are not broken
we fix the pieces that wear over time
we readjust the parts because we have the ability to do so
we restart the stops in the moments we catch our breath
we reignite the stalls when our brothers collapse upon themselves
we do not crush ourselves, over and over again
we reinvent
despite the few who dare to rip the road from beneath our feet
we continue walking up the mountain

there are those who choose to break
there are many who refuse to be broken

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

I wish you all a more hopeful, beautiful and peaceful New Year. Here’s to gentility, civility and warm embraces in 2017

12 thoughts on “why fix this broken machine

  1. A lovely sentiment! Even though 2017 already feels like it might be uncertain times ahead, we can all choose to shine a light into the darkness.
    All the best for 2017 and I look forward to reading many more of your words next year!

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  2. Beautiful & inspirational words for the new year, AM. I love the sentiment, and I dearly hope and pray for the sentiment’s outcome. And I’ll steer off toward the artistic, creative road (though I know this poem is about so much more, such larger scope): “we continue walking up the mountain.” I like this mountain metaphor, like the change from the dinghy (even though the dinghy is still cool). I think we both need to scale that damn mountain in 2017, or at least make an attempt. That’s most important, right? Making the attempt. Let’s do it, sister. DS

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