soured opera

hey, can I talk with you
I’m running out of things to say
you must hear and listen closely
the flesh of my fingers and that of my heart have joined forces
I can no longer reach without stretching my courage so thin it snaps
my chest is sinking roots into the foundation
scripted musings taunt the white half-moons of my freshly polished nails
delirious encounters, once teeming champagne froth into the night wild
have turned out unvarnished piles of road bound snow
I need to suffocate these regrets
slow the ooze from my brain as it drowns my fading voice
please look into my eyes and see
this isn’t about us anymore
where moist lips once blindly crawled to eat delirious and chew desire
only wordless truths haunt moments of silence upon empty prop beds
I am losing conviction
I am losing dulcet wings to flying devils
the peripheral midnight blue curtains, gold sashes sweating to unbuckle
will be the last to darken the stage of my life
see there, my sweet notes slipping from your oiled parchment pages
the midnight fairy has vexed our maestro’s musical flirtations
bowing to the final call
my heavy heart pulls me below the dirty pool of my tears
suffocate these lucid impulses
tear shadow from skin so I can no longer find the moon
I deserve no last libretto
nothing but an end to this soured opera

swirl skating

swirl skating

haven’t tackled a “romantic” piece in awhile-wanted to give it a try-thank you


9 thoughts on “soured opera

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie promoting your book on my twitter ‘monster fever’ going on. Today was weird I felt better when I got to the evening when usually the evening is a bad time for me. I wrote a story for former WWE wresler Melina Perez you play my mom in it to ensure a great story we must have AnnMarie. I grew up on Melina brings me back to my younger years. Melina is older now shes still young but back when I was young watching her she looked like she was just out of her prom. She played a evil character wrestler that was very sultry and like a siren or something. I hope she reads my story and likes it. She seems to be a very sweet woman who wants to meet all her fans. Well I should have been resting but I thought of Melina and how it much it would mean to her. So hopefully I can be buddies with her. I have been reading your book tonight. So many beautiful drawings and writings I read tonight. ‘Maybe you can tell me’ was a goodie I liked. It gets me every time. Hope you had a good day. Keep up the good work!

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