my dragon’s heart

there are too many tongues in my ears
everything mixing with the wrong fluids
an unclear complexion trapped beneath blemished hopes
we are stewing in emotional minefields
melting pots boiling over
the bodies stirring these battlefields are toxic flirts
where is the harmony earth leverages to sustain humanity
many gather, hoping sharpened tools don’t escalate
we perpetually run this gauntlet
crawling beneath wires and above clouds
the young need warmth
while we burn cold
I tread a plastic hamster wheel inside a discarded shipping box
but I am not a rat, at least not yet
not ready to leap like a lemming
or slumber like a bear
if I were a fire-breathing dragon
I’d ride those shimmering scales away to fantastic skies
but I don’t imagine escaping
I don’t imagine loving any less
my children are life-bound to this earth
a planet I introduced them to
my children are not shackles
they are my dragon’s heart
can you forgive me
if I forgive their children
though they despise you
will they forgive my flesh and blood
eye close


10 thoughts on “my dragon’s heart

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! We want ‘The Love of the Monster Part 2’! I am going to keep sharing your book in promotion on my facebook I don’t have quite the following you have but I think sometimes people read my posts and page. Feels good to be one of the cool kids now I have an autographed copy of your book cross that off the bucket list get book signed by the most gifted and prettiest girl ever! I am going to finish that book by the way when I get to it ‘Curleymania Explains Why AnnMarie is The Greatest Woman On Earth. Timeless classic

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  2. These are treacherous times we live in, AM. But as only you, my inimitable friend and poet-extraordinaire, can express, what we can’t do is to escape; what we can do is to love. No matter how bad things get, it’s still far better to be “life-bound to this earth,” as you so wisely remind us, than the sullen alternate. Your words, as always, are lovely. Must keep writing, making art. Besides your children, it’s your gift to the world. DS

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    • writing helps quell the unrest in my heart sometimes with all this insanity about
      thanks, DS
      geez, I keep torturing myself, listening to the theme from ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’ over and over and I can’t stop crying


      • Lovely poetic comment, AM — geez, even your comments are poetry!
        Okay, now explain this “Peggy Sue” thing — why the tears? Furthermore, why the personal torture? ๐Ÿ™‚ Turn it off, you hear me! Off, off, off … !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • ๐Ÿ˜Š I keep listening to all this music of late – I think all the balling is angst-ridding๐Ÿ˜Š but alas, DS – you are right – I gotta stop listening – I keep writing through blurry eyes

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