broken boned

how can I fix you
broken boned on the road
everyone rolling over you as if you never lived
my heart drops to the ground at the sight of your matted flesh
your silenced limbs
how can I bring you back to the living
a return to your beginning
to our time
we did have one
one of us leaped from the car
one of us drove too recklessly
now this accident of ours
when your body evaporates into the endless asphalt
and cruel west winds blow your dried wounds at the sky
my eyes will look to the heavens and dream
renewing life into dead memories
my bones are breaking from the inside
now I know how broken, broken can be

Harem Eyes

Harem Eyes


14 thoughts on “broken boned

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. I need to take a long break off facebook and twitter It just ends up being both good and bad. When you aren’t well mentally sadly you got to get off until you are better. On here is okay. Today my friend Julia said she would be my Valentine to make me feel better. She’s far off in The South. We are just friends but nice of her to say that. I just need to take care of myself. I want to keep in touch with Julia because she worries . This blog is fine I need to stay off facebook and twitter. It’s become very unhealthy for me. But anyways like I say its an honor being your friend and I love your writing and artwork. I appreciate your support and friendship. Love u AnnMarie have a goodnight and ill ttys

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      • I feel great AnnMarie had a nice night out with Greg at the bar. We talked about a lot he saw all the manic writing I did musicals and thought there was a lot ‘crazy stuff going on inside my head’ and it was put into these beautiful musicals well written that were like ‘beat poetry’ a cross between music and poetry. I am taking a break from writing to read all writing from different genius authors like some beautiful girl named AnnMarie Rosselli my favorite, George Orwell, HP Lovecraft, Jack Keourac, history poets, war poets books on American History. had a fun time with greg he thinks i am doing good relaxed and chill though i need more time for meds to level out get enough sleep

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      • Thanks AnnMarie I had a great talk with my sister Alice. We had a lot of laughter. She is so funny. I wrote a lot of fun posts today and was feeling very reflective and sentimental and needed a little humor. But I am going back to reading books and poems and writing reviews of them. Hope you are doing well AnnMarie. I wrote about you on one of my blogs. I said I loved you more than Tom Brady and The Celtics. I told the readers where to find your book on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. I talked about New York and Boston about the rivalry and how that connection is used in a very powerful way as when the other city is wounded badly it is the other city’s duty to heal the other city. Like 9/11 Boston came at them with love and support. And at The Boston Marathon Bombing New York came to Boston with love and support. It’s a great thing to point out during Valentine’s Day month of love and more powerful considering out country is divided it showed how two rivals can unite and heal the wounds of one another and that shows Boston and New York are built on love.


      • as always, Dan – you are too kind and supportive of my work and I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness
        you are wise in your thinking -how we humans have the innate ability to find strength in peace born of tragedy – the hope always and forever is that peace will more fully arise in our day-to-day exchanges w/o something horrific transpiring
        I’m amazed at the body of work you manage to turn out despite our sometimes medical setbacks – you, my friend are amazing –
        keep well and warm
        brrrrrr it’s cold – a basement studio is not always warm and toasty – the heater takes a while to kick in ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      • You welcome AnnMarie. I’ll have no trouble staying warm by the human warmth and comfort you have shown me through our friendship and words. Thanks AnnMarie you are my hero and favorite person. A very groovy, awesmesome beautiful humble down to earth unparalleled talent. You evoke a lot of love from readers just a very gifted writer. I love your writing. Stay warm. Cover yourself up with 4 or 5 blankets or wear a very warm winter coat on top of 2 sweaters i do that, AnnMarie is the prettiest girl ever woo hoo! Stay warm!

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  2. Bones breaking from the inside–God, that’s good. You know, AM, I feel as though I keep rubber-stamping my comments with superlatives … but my gosh, you’ve been swinging at fences lately (you’re poetry is always wonderful, but this is a new wonderful) … and you’ve been hitting the stars, knocking them outta the universe (how’s that for a poor metaphor that can’t even begin to say how good your words are?). It would be fun to get inside that Italian brain of yours even for one day just to see how it works, how the poetic machinery synapses and fires. ๐Ÿ™‚ DS

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