Friday-fornicate or post

they say Fridays are good for fornicating but not for posting on Social Media
SM aside
I cannot care
the words pressing against my brain are going to burst my fucking capillaries
if I don’t shoot them out my itchy trigger fingers I’m doomed
torment is attempting to snake up my spine though I adore sidling reptiles
ever since I held that gorgeous velvet albino anaconda in fourth grade
now snakes are endangered too

if it blindsides me in a gallant rush of crimson blood, I’m ready for doomed
no overwhelming fear here
when you have kids you imagine leaping in front of the gun
they live
you don’t
I’m okay with this outcome, this is life
calm collective of a natural or unnatural end
the problem
too many yanking the ripcord at both ends
I’ve know for quite some time about dying
when you live with an elderly person, it makes the idea of un-being easier
my heart has taken on a personality all its own
a tragic character in some romantic play
maybe a comedy
she fades to black, scene four
I’m not depressed
not at all
rather realistic and ready
are we climate warming, are we going Armageddon-style
shit, I guess it’s going to be hot either way
why can’t it be water
I so love swimming
there is nothing like claiming peace underwater

I vote for clean water if still available
don’t want to drown in dirty icecap overflow



14 thoughts on “Friday-fornicate or post

  1. I LOVE YOUR PICTURE! Did i say that loud enough? I have read a few comments on how people are ready to die and get it over with. That’s what our country has come to. It’s so hateful that people don’t want to live any longer. How pathetic is THAT?

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    • thank you, Georgiann
      the angst I’ve been simmering is best released this way – I’m ready for whatever- but in my deepest heart and soul – I hope we can find some level of sanity in an insane world


  2. Wow, what an eye-grabbing first line! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Snakes–you know how I feel about them, just shared a nightmarish video on FB today.
    “my heart has taken on a personality all its own”–that’s gorgeous, and telling; I think your writing of late, this “Late Rosellian Style,” is showing that new personality, one that is (as I said yesterday, I believe) swinging at the stars … and connecting. Thematically, the waters you’re swimming in are much deeper here, but your strokes are sure and strong and your readers can only stand on the beach and marvel as they watch you gliding along. ….
    And let’s hope that’s in clean, clear water ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • thanks DS,
      I was in a punchy mood and thought what the hell๐Ÿ˜Š
      I always appreciate your creative insights and so enjoy reading your take on my ever-morhping-voice-search
      thank you for these uplifting thoughts๐Ÿ˜„

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    • Hi Robert,
      hmm, let’s see-I created this particular piece when I was quite a bit younger and overwrought with hefty emotions. I wanted to loosely express “church and state” sort of. When I look at this today-my presentation is a bit naive ๐Ÿ˜Š but I was captivated by the simple idea of the visual similarity between a “crown of thorns” and a “crown of spikes”
      thank you for asking

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