my passion

so many of us wrestling our muses
getting off on the lonely thrill of possibility
safely tucked faraway behind a warm screen
not on the other side of winter’s sheets
the one who will save you from yourself and the spirit who toys with your intent
allowing us to believe and pretend there is something fresh to say
words, nuances in forms uttered as never before
more learned
more experienced
mock my inability
lovers mouth these moments in blind voice
ecstasy where speeches and diatribes are meaningless and sensations are God sent
complex notions suffocate deep in the wrinkles
in the darkness of bright minds lit by isolated hope
books of famous speeches forever bound together gathering dust
like my feet beneath my desk
there is nothing new to speak of
we unintentionally aim to create thoughtless things
passion and peace are not real
they are the pair of cement lions who guard my front porch
where Christmas lights still hang
other than these hardened beasts
peace is man’s inability to calm the ocean
and my passion is in your mind only





10 thoughts on “my passion

  1. Beautiful AnnMarie. Watching Rocky. Read some Of Keourac but did get in all the reading I wanted. Got into writing. Writing was fun. Hope you had a good day. A huge snowstorm today. Keep up the good work. AnnMarie=Number One woo hoo

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  2. You know what?
    I’m just sitting back and enjoying this one, this incredible poem of yours, AM.
    It’s said that the best writing can’t be rephrased and fails to be explained, yet a reader knows deep in her heart what the poet’s saying, what emotions have flooded the page.
    Sometimes it’s best to just sit back and let the words flood over you, like a warm wave on a hot sandy beach.
    I’m doing that here.
    This is wonderful, AM.
    Beautiful imagery, phrasing.

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