madness, you see

I am quite capable of driving myself to madness
I do not require any help, most especially not yours
I do not need your over-involved directions
I can find the place blindfolded
You see, I have my map right here–
Tattooed on my palm with invisible inks
I have chosen the most expeditious travel plan–zigs and jags
I will not listen to your bullshit–straight lines and direct routes
You see, I am desperate to get there
I am sorry if I appear rude, but I cannot stand you anymore
I will not watch your tempting lips mouth what I do not want to hear
My friend, there is no time left for me–
for us

I really must reach madness
You see, it was long ago when I drove Him there
He is the only one who can tell me how to get back–
to the place I felt safest–
before I lost my mind

8 thoughts on “madness, you see

  1. Wow AnnMarie on a roll today’s drawing and writing is some incredible stuff. Look at that drawing! Am I not right the most gifted artist ever in the world? Well that say I! Hope you have had a lovely day AnnMarie. I hope you know I thought of you today on my vacation busted out the old ‘love of the monster’ did some rereading. Watching The Celtics now. Yesterday Valentine’s Day was the best V-day ever it felt like Christmas. I was so happy you enjoyed my letter. Hope you stayed warm today. Hope the book is selling well I’ll be promoting it. It’s my favorite book greatest book ever written. I post it on my facebook with me holding the picture of the book and your picture next to a beautiful book from the beautifulest woman ever=AnnMarie woo hoo!

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  2. The ‘tude here is fantastic (and a bit of a change for you, eh?). The ending knocks the socks off–great! And you know, this piece of art? I really like this as well, and thought about it before I had “heart” in the title. This seems very Beckmann/German Expressionism. More. DS

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