the shit beneath the fridge

This is the question. I won’t beat it under the fridge, the place you’ve been meaning to clean but never do. Why should you? It is disgusting, but who the hell sees it. My question to you, WHY? Why do you build a wall into a home, brick by brick, then let underneath the fridge go lousy. Why do I sit in this damn basement and pretend I know what I’m doing. Someday, I say it will matter. My name, is it something now, to me. It’s the birth name I was given. I play it like Cher and tweak it like Madonna, but I keep Vito and Carmella in my thoughts. Single names do not slow the world down. It is nice pretending for awhile, until the day arrives when you pound your head on the kitchen table trying to scare up the next big creative idea. Your throbbing skull is parallel with the floor–you see disgusting, grey fluffy shit under the fridge.

This is the question. You decide you’re going to clean beneath the fridge. WHO? Who will move the icebox from the spot where its metal weight has rooted down the corners. How much crap is actually under there. Is any of it alive. Does it matter. You will get a burly friend to help you. Or a thin-armed neighbor with a hand truck. Perhaps, emboldened by the decision to clean, you decide to pull its immensity away from the wall all by yourself. Crap. The wall behind the fridge will also have to be cleaned. That’s right. There is always something you didn’t plan for. But while the frigid monstrosity is vulnerable, it makes the utmost sense to scrape the wall scum off too. The fridge won’t miss its 5 o’clock shadow.

This is the question. You’ve gone and done it. Beneath the fridge is as fresh as a baby’s bathed bottom and you have accomplished a grand feat. There is power in your muscle and clean pride in your dirty soul. You can take on the world or any number of small creative endeavors. These little bursts of artful energy might just have walls of scum behind them. Imagine how you might feel, reaching those walls. WHY? Why didn’t you just clean beneath the damn fridge all those years ago when you first noticed the shit beneath it.
black-vampalienAnd this person (who has admittedly not cleaned beneath her fridge) has created vamp/alien no 4 – dark as a fridge’s underbelly, where no sun can shine


11 thoughts on “the shit beneath the fridge

  1. You can clean behind the refrigerator? I didn’t know that. πŸ™‚
    Interesting, many creatives use housework as a distraction from having to create, but you here have used it to fuel creation, which seems so much more sensical (not to mention it makes the living situation more comfy). I love that sentence: “There is power in your muscle and clean pride in your dirty soul.” Terrific. As per usual, your posts are always about one thing and more than one thing – which is why they’re so fun to read and thought-provoking, too. Dare I say, your artistic muscle is powerful here – and your alien/vampire woman, this latest one of the series, is fantabulous and scary … and (again) those eyes. !!!

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    • yes, DS
      once again, you hit the hammer straight on my crooked word path – I’ve been avoiding housecleaning as a result of not liking my house as a result of not liking many other things at the moment – and if we/I begin with something ominously simple – like “fridge bottom cleaning” – I might begin to see the light at the end of the muck – and my muse will once again re-muster its confidence


  2. Why clean under the fridge, it’s has its own micro climate under there. Every thing people can’t be bothered looking for, live under there. Hell I’m gonna see if there’s any creative ideas under my fridge. May be not…
    Enjoyed ‘ the shit beneath the fridge ‘, something different to read over breakfast.

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    • lol, George
      I sometimes fear there are little green men lurking beneath my icebox –
      I’m trying to stretch the creating side of my brain and attack thoughts from different angles – like beneath a fridge 😊


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