enter the vampire

I have conspired with a literary den-of-thieves to make you desire Them
To entwine your soul in Their stronghold of rampant lust and brute strength
Inescapable wide-eyed innocence will burn away the layers of mistrust
One decadent love bite to draw out your pulsing demons–
those that made your flesh crawl and quiver, long before They arrived
By high mindedness of the amber moon chained by gravity–
I call to sisters across ocean and earth
Fly beyond otherworldly barriers–
keep your diaphanous forms from heaving bound werewolves
I summon, for both your sake and mine
You see, they were born of necessity and likened to mankind’s crucible–
monsters, beasts, leviathans, introverts, extroverts, banshees
Welcome Their rounded limbs to engorge your body with Godlike fear
Wretch you will, over and again until there is nothing to the insides
but your blood
As Her beautiful teeth impale your flesh, you float among the stars
You collapse, the agony of life fades into a dull memory
The tide eventually finds you and we float into the universe
Aren’t they worth dying for…

8 thoughts on “enter the vampire

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! Feeling sedated tonight ate too much pasta. Watching The Deadman Best of Undertaker DVD the wrestler. I think I am going to write a short story tonight. Have some fun. Woo hoo! AnnMarie=Number One!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely, AM.
    A serious series of seemingly sumptuous
    virginally vagrant vampires.
    [I have no idea what that means.]
    “Amber moon chained by gravity,” like hearts.
    I am so glad bestial women appear in positions of power.
    ‘Bout time women get to have some fun at the expense of
    the opposite sex – there needs to be some “free trade” agreement
    in the hurting department.
    Keep painting.
    And writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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